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Why are dreams important? There are dreams that cause us to do something of their lives such as work with the profession you want to go abroad and see the world with their own ögon.Människor should dream. Through dreams you create a future. Based dreams can then set goals. Like many other things in life you have to have patience with dreams to fulfill them. One must believe in yourself and set reasonable goals. In order not to get sick on the way to the long term goal you can set short-term goals and take small step at a time.

I have lots of dreams and goals in life. The dream that yes struggling most for right now and that means very much to me is that I want to become a hairdresser. This dream I've had since I was little. Since 2yrs now, that dream made me wake up every morning and go to school and do the best I can to reach my goal.

My parents had a goal or rather a dream. The dream was not about themselves, but about me and my siblings. They wanted us to be better. They wanted us to get many opportunities to have a good future. Their dream is being realized. I am forever grateful to them for everything they have given me in life.

Dreams makes you go forward and develop. In order to achieve their dreams need to believe in yourself and fight. The only thing that can make the impossible dream is fear of failure. Dreams have no boundaries, but it is you who decides how far you can go. Keep dreaming!

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