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Expensive public works

Subject: Society
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Tickets for buses and the subway is too expensive, especially in Stockholm. A single journey costs about 20 Euro! I read an article about traveling by bus in Stockholm is the most expensive, if you pay with money (could be that one has forgotten the SL card at home).

I understand that tickets are expensive to SL must raise money, to pay salaries, care of the stations, trains, etc.

Many'd rather take the car to work for that ticket prices are so expensive.

But if SL lowered ticket prices, several bus and train, then ticket sales increase. SL would gain from the sale of many expensive tickets instead of selling less expensive tickets. This would lead to less cars on the roads, removing traffic queues. Carbon dioxide emissions would be reduced, as more people would start to commute instead of taking the car. It would impact on environment, people and especially Stockholm traffic benefit.

I think my idea is pretty good, and am sure that many agree with me. So do what you can to make this happen. You may know a politician who can take this up in parliament, what do I know?.

Until ticket prices rise, then you can always ride a bike, it's good for nature.

Boycott expensive transport!

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One Response to "Expensive public works"

  1. Sandra on December 13, 2011 at 5:37 pm #

    To say that a single trip of 20 SEK is expensive is to lie, here in the valley (sweden's finest plaaace) costs SEK 30 for a youth to go 1 mil, then added £ 10 per mil ...

    But I agree with you about boycotting expensive public transport!

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