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Topic: War
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Now I'm back again, back in Germany to share with you, readers,
of what I see and hear. Now I stand in front of the monument in Berlin,
It's supposed to be soldiers who laid down their arms, take a breather, for this is the end! Back to Germany !, I struggle to as smooth as possible come over all tumbled boulders and any debris that remains on the ground after the war. It's not a pretty sight on the street but I can safely guarantee that the German people's smiles now when Hitler is gone and the war is over, lit up the whole town. Can we thank the allies for this? I mean it was, after all, those who landed paratroops through Sicily, through Italy, who later surrendered. Later came the invasion of Normandy and later continued well into Germany. Yes, that was easy for the Allies to perform. But how does it look now? All Germany is destroyed, who will now restore everything right everywhere? Just look at the civilian population, they have barely kept up with what has happened, they remain in the same place as when it all started, but it looks hardly as good as then. Well, one thing led to another, and in May 1944 fell Berlin and Germany surrendered. There was not a chance in the world that Germany would stick by everything so it was well anticipated. Conferences, those who organized it all, the conferences at Yalta and Potsdam. It was they who decided that Germany would be divided into four occupation zones would be managed by the United Kingdom, Soviet Union, United States and France. Consider that a single creation of a single god can be turned on and turned in all different ways, without any problems, how right is it? Who decides on the earth? Correct answer: No, we all share it. It seemed to be difficult for the "rulers" to understand. But then came the rescue, they began to understand the German war reparations would be the entire $ 20 billion. It's pretty much, then a cow costs two dollars, if you know what I mean ... But where will the money go? Who should get the money? Well, it is "Poor USSR" to get half of the money. But anything that makes me wonder is whether the Soviets really deserve it, they are not so innocent, I mean it was, after all, more than 200 000 Germans who died in lightning war momentum, how did they die? Let me now explain to you; it was the "innocent" Soviets who killed them. If you remember these "rulers" that I wrote about for ca. Fifteen sentences ago, three of these rulers is Churchill, Roosevelt and Stalin. They wanted to secure a lasting peace in the future, soon formed which apparently called for the UN, which should be able to resolve conflicts without war. So we will get this "Eternal Peace" if not now, these powerful countries breaking promises and are hungry for other countries' raw materials and oil. But we'll keep our fingers crossed. As you may have heard a while ago that Roosevelt died, his replacement was Harry S Truman. Very bad move, the United States, this man will be the world's destruction. What happened to invaderingen when a war is determined? Why did he not the ordinary, "normal" way, to invade and to fight against those who actually entered the war, those who want war? No, this "smart" you had to drop the atomic bombs on civilian people, when they were on their way to work and school. Truman sounded an atomic bomb released first in Hiroshima and then Nagasaki. Over 200,000 Japanese civilians were blown up in the air. Was it humanly done? Small children who were on their way to school, adults who were on their way to work, just as they had done every day. But the day when a light, brighter than the sun came up and drew the devil's power, that day was different. After this event, the war ended and the Japanese Emperor wrote on the surrender and handed the country. It was a shame, many felt that they could not live with it, they committed suicide. However, it was strange not to Truman committed suicide, how could he live with himself after that, perhaps, he is a person with death the soul, it's probably just a "of those" who can commit such things.

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