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Subject: Psychology
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Task 2

You should find out the facts about how the pressure test is done. You are to write an issue of at least five questions and answer them. Discuss in groups and write a common response.

1. Where from can I get pressure plates?
2. What does the different plates?
3. How do you use them?
4. In how many degrees you should store the samples?
5. How long should I keep the pressure plates?
6. How does the test results on Endo agar plate?


1. The pressure plates to get hold of the nearest food laboratory.
2. There are two kinds of these is the TGE - agar and Endo - agar
3. To take samples of pressure plates makes it so that it cleans just as usual and then so it takes these plates and press them against such work benches, knives, cutting boards, etc.
4. When sampled in different places and objects in the plant so it takes and you put in the jar and store it in + 37º
5. You should store the plates in + 37º in 1 or 2 days.
6. On the Endo - agar plate emerges possibly so-called coli bacteria and they get a clear metallic sheen

Task 3

You should find out the facts about how a microbiological examination goes to
Discuss in groups and write a common response.


A microbiological survey works is that the entrepreneur himself draw samples from one or a few products and then send them away to study in the laboratory. To investigate whether there are such microbiological organisms that contribute to a food undergoes spoiling and acidification, it can also display the inappropriate handling of food. And such a study funded entirely by the entrepreneur.

Task 4

You should explain what a cleaning verification is and how it works. Discuss in groups and write a common response.


A cleaning verification can be done in different ways depending on the level of control But you always make a form of cleaning inspection at least once a week and then you go around when cleaning and checking tools, benches, thermal springs, wells and so on looks okay and to write up everything and then signing. If they happen to a food poisoning occurs are the responsibility of the person who signed the paper. But at regular intervals will do so more thorough checks, among other things, a form of kontaktplatts control such as printing plates or tubes.

Such verification is done in such a way to contact the companies that sell these sample materials such as pressure pads and order.
Then when you get the sample material you should perform these checks as described on the surfaces or objects you want to check. The surfaces to be tested shall be cleaned with the usual routines, surfaces must also be thoroughly dry. Then do the test and seal the sample. Since then the samples should be appropriately labeled and fill in the delivery note that since the holder must sign.
Then the samples as soon submitted to the laboratory or incubate for its own heating cabinet according to the manufacturer's instructions.
Task 5
Explain what a delivery inspection is and what is meant by an unbroken cold chain.
Delivery check is a check to make upon delivery of the goods then check that no goods are damaged during shipping. That all goods are included on the invoice and all the items you have ordered are included. And that they are properly labeled and more. An unbroken chain means that a freeze be that, for example, -3 Are the same temperature throughout the trip until after it arrives at the restaurant and the taking of the goods does a temperature control.
Task 6
When How and why do you make a heating and cooling control? Discuss in groups and write down the joint response.
Heat Control: A heat control is done in conjunction with the other major controls such as refrigerators and freezers. This means that you do it about once a week.
Cooling Control: This is done when to cool the cooked right, such as pancakes so it takes before setting product in a fridge so it takes the core temperature and then after four hours you should take fridge temperature again and then the temperature should have dropped down to about +8. If cooling is too slow, there is a risk that bacteria thrive.

Task 7

All day: ceps to the floor, wipe the floors, benches, rails of all machines, toilets, empty all wells, cleaning out the dishwasher

Mondays: Viewing temp of all refrigerators and freezers
Tuesdays: clean broom closet
Wednesday: pick in the order in dry storage
Thursday: cleans the dishwasher extra care
Friday: Viewing temp for refrigerating appliances, cleaning up the order in coolers and freezers.

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