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Electric Car

Topic: Inventions
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As we all know, h † ller major bilf "panies p † to f" r "ka develop the mill" v "nliga electric car. But of course you know it already by the 1900s b "rjan were electric cars. One of the most k "th e" r "Toujour Contente", built by Edward Hart † r 1900th It could reach a speed of 80 km / h and had a porche motor at each wheel, which m † Must have done it to v "rldens f"-most four-wheel-drive car. But the car had the same problem as today's electric cars n "mligen battery capacity, allts † how l" nge str "mmen r" BROUGHT. It was also † v "ldigt expensive to upload, p † cost f" r to push it a † r could be as h "g as ink" pspriset. But as Filson Young, a leading manufacturer, said in an advertisement:
"If you users 'connecting your car only f" r to shop and go "ra rides to work, r † der i s k' at the most luxurious and comfo" must of all cars n "mligen electric car" but he added, warning "but for all the other" ACHIEVEMENTOFOBJECTS † l 's electric car the least users' ndbara and most expensive type of car. ". Although the car was expensive did it a great succ, such as taxicab. Tons of eltaxi cars busiest streets of London and Paris at the turn. But like ngbilen † f "rsvann electric car IFR † n Europe around 1910, in the United States d" remot car continued to s "ljas and there were cars of all sizes, fr n sm † † † TV seater cars to large trucks p † seven tons , but around 1925 f "rsvann most electric cars fr † n the market.

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