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Electricity Program and Computer Electronics

Topic: English, History
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In the Electricity program one can learn anything round the Electricity and Electronics.
The Electricity program are one of the beast applications in the word, and you can always find anything as dealwith about Electricity, and That Can Am Around You. At first When one Intend after to begin on Electricity programthat Shall one asking prepare and pray fixed, Because That is must be funny. On first year you come to work with small thing. Eg cut cable, change the lamp and change the fuse, etc. But learn very much thing.

In next year come to you can choose different programs. For example, Computer Electronics, OR Electrician, Electronics.

I will tell about the entire program as form a party of Electronics applications.

Computer Electronics

That is first program as come on the Word That is very important programs and good.
Computer programs are system as us. It has a brain and the systems know anything.
If you Consider on going at Computer Electronics come to teach you the foundation of it.
Eg Word, Excel, Photoshop, programmable c ++, the build computer, hacker, fix web side, wrong seek, install Windows programs, etc. You can found many jobs in this program.


If you choose to Electrician come to teach you whole other thing, at the program you can assemble and pull out cable, install machine, create new wallsocket, built Voltage Central, thats am violent programs and easy to found job.


This program is sensitive and That ice tow different goods Eg software and hardware.
Most of it is software-as-but Can Use with to build the circuit in the computer or TV, radio, anything as am in the Electronics. You can build amplifier on Which effect you want.
It is good software, you can still found job.

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