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An individual given task

Subject: Philosophy , Society
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It is important to start thinking about myself over complex issues. Moreover, in SH important for the grade to be able to reason through and discuss with themselves and others. That's what I want you to do this task. Write the answers to the questions in a text document. The key is not here how much you write but that you are thinking of what you think this or that, and above all why. I have to see why. That in SH and in life say that you think something without arguing why is not good.
1st Man is born good

2nd There are people who are evil by nature

3rd There are opinions that should not be tolerated

4th It is important that we learn from what has happened in
5th It is not wrong to be a nationalist

6th All people are equal

7th All people should be able to live and work wherever they want

8. Democracy is the best way to govern a country

9th State shall have control over life and death and it is
therefore fine with the death penalty

10th War is always wrong

11th What happened during the Holocaust could happen again

Pontus Laakkonen Bergdahl

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