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I live in an apartment, and it's 118 (ft), we have five rooms, two bathrooms, one flat screen, two computers and one laptop, four mobiles, a dishwasher and we share the washing machine with our neigbour Which is very good for the environment. We buy clothes every month, especially me I like shopping. We had two cars, but now we only have one Because my dad sold the other car, he thinks That We only need one. My mom takes the bus every day to work. We try to buy ecological foods as much as possible but sometimes we find it too expensive and choose not to. Normally we go on vacation ones or twice a year by plane. We chuck the rubbish in the right place, but sometimes it gets in the wrong place. We put the composte in a special plastic bag, Which we'll get from the landlord. I think we are environmentally friendly, but I will try to be better in water usage. -What is it that i do, That Affects the enviroment and how does it Affect the enviroment?
I like to eat crisps and Italy pasta, and I can eat it often, but I'll have to think about the Consequences sometimes, Because it needs to be Transported to Sweden.This kind of transport is Dependant on fuel. The more we eat of These goods, the more we pay to pollute the atmosphere with the carbon dioxide the transportion emits. I shower every day for 30 minutes. I wash, brush my teeth, flush the toilet with unneccssary water. It's just bad for the enviroment, Because it demands more energy and water. The worst thing
ice that much clean water is used in the shower and in the toilets.There are places like crowd summerlands and others Which you need a car to get to. We use petrol
to our car, and it's very bad, Because the world's oil resources are drying up. I can not live without my mobile and my mp3 and i do not think it Affects the enviroment so much as for example cars. But of course it takes a lot of quantity production for the enviroment Because mobile is from metal and it the smith machine. Clothes Affected enviroment, Because it's carry from another countries. It a very big part of world's industry is clothes production.
-What can I do that improvement the enviroment?
I would really help the enviroment if I just buy Swedish food and less cow meat. If I use the water meager forexample shower and crane, so it's Should Decrease water usage with 40%. It's very wholesome to walk and to take the cycle. That I can improve it's to collect the coke tins at home and then get money back to return bottels. We Should having to less warmth if we had isolated window and walls. We can buy economize electricity machine or less electronies. It'sa good solution for energy and electricity usage.
-Why is better for the enviroment?
Shops sell what people wants to have. The more we buy forexample apple, That more the shop buy apple. If I just buy Swedish food will be sick who need foreign eating habits. If everyone would do that, the shops buy less foreign eating habits, and it would decrase freight, and it decrase carbon dioxide discharge with some per cent. Switch off lamps when i leave the room, I will be better to switch of the machine. An aluminiumtin can regain to 100%. It's meansthat everytime return bottels tin, it be a new tin. Without That the factory needs to complete a new matrial.

Today, people are lazy, Because They have to use machines like computers and cars. Despite That a manypeople wants to improvement the inverometal issue.
I think it Should be more people who works with reclamation and selection. It's give both works for people and good for the enviroment cosequence.

/ After having done this work I have started to think about the enviroment. I mean, before I just used the Amount of for example water that i wanted. When I showered I never thought about the enviroment. I did not take care of the enviroment. But now I try to use less water and be better at switching off the machines. It's about our lives so we have to protect our enviroment. I hope That all of us do that.

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