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Subject: Biology , Health , Society
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I have chosen to look at the hairdresser ergonomics and I have interviewed two hairdressers, a woman 20 years and a man for 50 years, to get to know more about ergonomics in this yrke.Arbetet as a hairdresser's harder than you think, it looks very glamorous and fun, but is, in fact rather difficult and stressful work. As you stand up all the time, it means a great strain on the feet, legs, back, neck and shoulders, so it is important to have a good basis musculature and to train these body parts regularly.

Barber is a versatile profession where you get to meet new people all the time. This makes the work very diverse, since no human being is different and everyone's hair is different. You meet simply new "problem" all the time and working as a hairdresser is a constant challenge for you should always give the customer the best. In addition, hairdressing much more than just cutting.

The job as a hairdresser is quite stressful because you always must give the customer everything. When the customer will have been booked up for some time and that time would not be enough makes it to be late with the next customer. This means that you can be late for a whole day because everything just booked in for one another.

If the workplace is well suited to such good lighting, good ventilation and noise level depends on which salon you work on. Customer chairs should be height adjustable so you can adjust the working height and find a comfortable working position.

To summarize everything one can say that the profession as a hairdresser's harder than you think and can be stressful at times but it's still a fun and varied job where you get to meet a lot of people. If you want to avoid repetitive strain injuries, one can use a light exercise program to any exercise every day.


• STRAIGHT sit-ups 10-20 pieces, static on the last 3 sets
• oblique sit-ups 10 on each side, static on the last 3 sets
• Back Extension 10 pieces, static on the last 3 sets
• Hitler DOG 15 on each leg / hand, static on the last 2 sets
• heel raises 15 regular 3 sets
• heel raises 10 on each leg 2 sets
• dumbbell exercises for shoulders 12-15 reps 2 sets
For the straight arm to the side up to shoulder height.
• squats 15-20 3 sets
• TURN EXERCISE FOR BACK 10 on each side 3 sets
Stand on all fours, lift up one elbow as far as you can and follow all the time with his eyes. Return to the starting position slowly.

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