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Erich Maria Remarque: The Western Front

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Erich Maria Remarque, a German writer, when he was 18 years came in the service of fosterlan-it, Germany in WWI. It was there that the idea for his big break on the west front, nothing new was born. He grew up the son of a bookseller 1898th In the war he was injured often, and sometimes very difficult. After the war he returned to Germany where he tried a variety of jobs until he started his career as a writer.
Remarque wrote a lot about what he experienced in the war. His realistic depictions of the-ism in the trenches on the Western Front during World War I is directly taken from reality.

The book is being followed by the 19-year-old Paul Baumer and his comrades after a long time
impact from their class teacher enlist in the German army. They are sent to the shooting-grave war on the Western Front with the notion that war is something heroic in which boys become men. This image falls rapidly to pieces when they come to the realization that the war instead of creating something, only destroys. On many occasions they find themselves face to face with the enemy and they will all experience the horror and helplessness one experiences during a massive artillery assault.
One by one, fallen comrades until only Paul is the survivor. One day when the only reported from the western front is: On the Western Front, so Paul dies.

The book contains excellent descriptions of the atmosphere and environment that I believe was on the western front during WWI. It is written in a very realistic way that sometimes makes one feel as if you yourself were there. This makes it an eminently readable book, far from the glorification of war heroes who today present in almost all American films.

Although it has been 75 years since the book was written discusses a still topical theme - war. The book for the message about the horrors of war in a clear way, through that, through Paul's eyes may be in the trenches and other horrible places. Although we always have a strong feeling that these horrors are unbearable, we can still see hope shine in life: love and friendship of man. This is expressed in a very clear way when Paul at a late pass-ing comes home to his cancer patient mother busy with him as she always did, and although he loves his mother so long as he returned to his comrades at the front. This is described by Remarque in a very profound way.

This book would be neither an accusation or a confession. It would only be an attempt to tell you about a generation that was destroyed during the war - even if it escaped grenades.

This text, we read in the preface of the book and describes the author's thoughts in a good way. Remarque has succeeded in his intention to tell you about the suffering and anxiety and how this generation would forever be marked with a stamp.

This is a book with its simple language has captivated not only me but millions of people. For me it is a readable book, a book that may be than to think and question all the information daily pumped into our brains. In this case, questioning my view of war and war heroes.

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