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Ernest Hemingway: Winner Take Nothing

Topic: English, Reviews
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The name of the bookthat I have read ice Winner Take Nothing. The unforgettable novelist and short-story writer Ernest Hemingway HAS written the book. Winner Take Nothing came out in 1933 and is a collection of 17 short novels, each and every one of the stories is written in a very unique and special way. Ernest Hemingway made him self famous by writing his books in a Way That the readers allays had something to expect, you'll never know what's going to take place in his imagination loaded stories. Ernest Hemingway is one of the most important person in the history of literature, not just because he wrote excellent stories he finns had a way of making literature That had never been used before. Hemingway created a characteristic, Dialogue of taut, the whole prose That he used Suggested Directly without expressing and he's stories thwart ice built up in a Way That forces the readers to make Their own conclusions. As a proof of his talent he got the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1954, but after Several years of illness and silence Ernest Hemingway committed suicide in 1961. In my book review I wrote about two novels named The Light of the World and God Rest You Merry, Gentlemen.

The Light of the World:

In the beginning the story takes place in a bar. Two friends are sitting in the bar where They talk one to another. One of the friend's starts to argue with the barman and the two friends Decides to leave the bar before something bad happens. The environment in the bar is tremendously well described and the people who partake in the conversations seem incredibly real. After the two friends left the bar They went to a train station theres They got in contact with a group of people. The two friends Begun to talk to the people who were waiting for the train to arrive. At this time a discussion established and the two friends found out That They together with some of the girls known a person. Now almost everyone at the station played a part in the discussion and suddenly two girls started to argue about The Man Who Talked about everyone. One of the girls saidthat the man They Talked about was here lives biggest love but the other girl saidthat it was not so; She saidthat the man was her biggest love lives.
The dialogue between the girls is very intense and her you can witness bothering crying, laughing and absolute silence.
The story continues in this pace for a little while Until an unexpected turn takes place and you're at the end of the story.

Good Rest You Merry, Gentlemen:

This story is very serious but at the sametime it Gives you a feeling of sarcasm. In the story two doctors talk to eachother about a patient. One of the doctor's had system to the patient, the patient told the doctor That he wanted to be castrated. The patient Talked all the time about how he prayed for it to stop. He told the doctor That he prayed bothering Night and Day and That he wanted it to stop. The doctor tried to calm down the patient and told him That it was natural. The doctor told his patient That he didnt want to castrate him, but the patient got angry and Clearly told the doctor That he wanted to be castrated. The doctor turned down his patient and told him That he would not get castrated. The patient got even more angry and yelled at the doctor right before he left the room. A couple of days later a patient came with the ambulance to the hospital, it was not surethat he was going to survive. It seemed as the patient tried

to castrate him self with a razorblade. Now the two doctors sat down and speculated about the whole situation. One of the doctors thought That the situation could have been avoided if only the patient had got help in time. The story ends in a deep conversation between the two doctors and Its Up To You To Decide Whom of them is right.


After reading the Winner Take Nothing I can tell you one thing for certainement and it's that the stories in this book is so fantastically well described. The characters, environments, dialogue and so much more in this book are so real That you sometimes forget That it is book you read. After reading somethingthat Ernest Hemingway have wrote I can really understand why he got the Nobel Prize for Literature. At last I just want to say That the book Winner Take Nothing was really good just because it's written in Such a Way Describing and all the other novels in the book is alsovery good.

Why Me?
Chapter 1 "Guilty"

It was the 20: th of November 1907. The clock had just past 9.am and the doors to my cell opened. I had spent over a year in That cell and I hated it a lot. I were new shaved and had but one a nice costume all to look as good as possible in front of the judge. I'm 29 years old but I Appear much younger, the people who met me for the first time think that i'm about 20 years. Three guards escorted me to the room where my future was going to be decided. I was accused for murder and the Possibility for me to spend the rest of my life behind bars was very big. Before entering the room my layer came up to me, he saidthat They did not had any evidence witch combined me to the crime. For a moment as big as this I was awfully calm and I had no problem relaxing. When I Entered the courtroom my layer and me were send to a table, Shortly After That The Judge came into the room. Everyone including myself had to stand up. The Judge told us to sit down and so we did. For a short moment I looked at the judge, he was a plump man with a big nose and long white hair. He looked very severities and had an angry look on his face. That look was going to stay in my mind for the rest of my life. Several hours after the court my calmness had disappeared and Could actually see my Layer getting me in deeper and deeper trouble. It was then it hit me; my layer was not the one who had to spend the rest of his life in jail if this did not work. At this point it had gone about seven hours and the jury had Decided if I was guilty or not, They lozenges over a paper to the judge the judged looked at the paper for a little while and then he said the words "we find you guilty for murder your sentence is life time in jail "then he told the guards to take me away. My layer Told Me That he was going to get me out but I was panicked I could not move at all. The only thing I could think about was how this Could have happened an innocent man as me, I was late to lifetime in jail.

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