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How can it be that some stories from the past still exists in today's society, are taught to students, made the film over and over again? Is there something extra in these stories that capture our interest? Is it the old fashioned way in the whole that makes it interesting?
Tristan and Isolde, Romeo and Juliet, Pyramus and Thisbe is 3 stories from the past who are still alive today. They all about a man and a woman who falls in love with each other but are prevented from being hit Due to certain circumstances. However, they can not be removed from each other and challenge all to be together. All 3 ends in tragedy, unfortunately, when the man dies Due to misunderstandings and women are killing themselves when she can not live without his beloved. The 3 is not exactly the same but have the same building blocks.
Pyramus and Thisbe were two people who were in love with each other but were forbidden to meet his parents. However, they communicated through a crack in a path and arranged to meet at a tree. Thisbe arrived first and saw a lion feeding on its prey. She fled for his life, but the lion managed to get hold of some of her robe. Then, when Pyramus saw the lion with the bloody jacket he thought the worst and took his own life with a sword. Thisbe arrived a bit later and saw his beloved dead, and took his own life.
Romeo and Juliet meet at a ball where they will flash in love, however, belongs to the 2 families who are at war with each other. They prohibit the 2 young lovers meet. However, they meet and marry in secret by a monk. Romeo's best friend is later killed by Juliet's cousin, which means that Romeo kills him. That makes him an outlaw and he is forced to leave the city. After a time the monk suggests that Julia will take a poison that makes her look dead to all but 2 days after she wakes up again. The idea was that Romeo would hear about Julia's death and come back to town where he was informed of the plan. But something went wrong and Romeo never got the information. He killed himself with a dagger when he saw his beloved Juliet lie dead. Once Julia woke up she found her Romeo dead so she took his dagger and took his liv.Tristan and Isolde meet by chance when Tristan has been hit by a poisoned spear and asked his king Marc to send him out on a boat with his harp to die. However, he came to Ireland where he healed the king's Isolde with the golden hair. When he had recovered, he returns to his king in Cornwall. 2 swallows bearing a golden hair come to King Marc, and he asks Tristan to look up this woman, who is Isolde with the golden hair. They return to Cornwall but happen during the trip drinking a love potion intended for King Marc and Isolde. They meet in secret but the king will on them and condemn them to death. However, the successful escape and then living in the woods. But Marc finds them but let them be. Tristan Isolde then transmits to the king, who marries, but her.
Tristan is banished from the country and traveling around as a hero before he arrives in Brittany
where he marries Isolde of the white hands. However, returning to Tristan Isolde with the golden hair, but this has been told Tristan marriage and refuses to talk to him. He returns with sorrow in his heart. He is getting crazy and going again back to Cornwall. But a traitor can see him and he flees back, but end up in a war and is wounded. He sends for Isolde. Is she on the ship are the white sails, otherwise black. Once the ship arrived was Isolde with the white hands of jealous and tells Tristan that the sails are black, and he gives up and dies. However, they were white and Isolde with the golden hair arrives late and dies of grief at his side.
They are many different versions of these stories, small details that have changed over the years as well. It may be that a writer who decided to write one of these stories would have its own ink and then changes the bit. And over the years, there has been changes here and there and have created various versions. He may have made its own interpretation of the story.
Love mixed with tragedy, it may be a striking combination? Is that what made the story held for so long and continues to be on again? The imagination of someone to love so much that they refuse the life of one is a bit romantic. In today's society is not the same romance, people are harder to show their feelings. In my opinion, especially boys. Nowadays, everything should be macho, boys should not cry or appear weak. But the funny in it all is that there are guys who wrote these love stories, William Shakespeare, Ovid, Thomas d'Angleterre (but is Pyramus and Thisbe, a Greek mythology that Thomas has made about)

When I hear William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet is the first thing I think. I think the story is constructed in the Pyramus and Thisbe story .. However, current Tristan and Isolde story differs a bit. No parents to tell them apart, but instead it is others who stand in your way. Love has its obstacles, can be a symbol of these films to find their right is not always easy and can appear when you least expect it. And any event has its obstacles. You just have to overcome obstacles and struggle together. I wonder what the authors thought and felt when they wrote them.

Therese Rosvall

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