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Subject: English , Society
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For Euthanasia

(Normally we use the expression "death help" when we speak about help to end one's life. But When you speak about it in a scientific way doctors use the word Euthanasia.)

I believe That everyone the right to speed Decides over his or her own life. I also think That Each personal speed the right to choose how to live and die. If we do not want to live anymore, and we're incurably ill, it's our own Decision if we want to end our lives or not. Then there is a big question:

Do the patient really know what They want?

Because the patient may not be in a very good condition When they're lying at the hospital, and that's what most of the "against" side is saying. That if the patient do not have it good economically and socially goodwill They think about dying. On one hand I do not think it's so easy to get eg a lethal injection today, since it's illegal but on the Other hand I think it is a very common situation That patient are thinking about suicide.

One thing that i agree with the "against" side Is that life is a wonderful gift and no one but God Should take it from us. But if a patient is Suffering unbearably from an incurable illness and is in uncontrollable and intractable pain Which makes life Itself Intolerable and destroys any quality to life. Then I do not think it's wrong to give him a long good night sleep, this is of course at his or her own Considered and persistent request. Because the VES (Voluntary Euthanasia Society) made a survey That showed That at least 5% of terminal pain cannot be fully controlled, even with the best care. That Means That not every one dies well.

I do not know what the "against" side is meaning by saying "Euthanasia is murder" it's on Contrary Because the doctors do not do anything Until they've the permission to it. And They Are only Helping the patient from Suffering. I think That is much better than letting patient die at the hospital.

Euthanasia is widely practised in Holland, and there Have not been problems so far. There havebeen Performed 2300 mercy killings per year there. And They have four very good strict guidelines, Which I have noted with a little comment:

The first A medical doctor must performer the kid - (Of course the kid Have To be accomplished by an Experienced doctor)
The second The patient must ask Suffering unbearable pain - (I've Already That comment)
The third The patient must have knowledge of his / her medical condition - (The doctors must absolutely tell the patient of his / her condition.
The fourth A second professional opinion is Also required - (That's a very good rule, so the relatives could not blame only the doctor for the kids)

I may be talking very strict That I'm totally for Euthanasia, but if eg someone asked me this question: - ISN'TA PERSON WHO IS IN A COMA REALLY BETTER OFF DEAD? - I would answer it differently overall, Because I believe That no one speed the right to judge That another's life is not worth living. The basic right to life Should not be Abridged Because someone Decides That someone else's quality of life "is too low. Once we base the right to life on "quality of life" standards, there is no logical place to draw the line. Also, people need not be killed to "put them out of Their misery" when They Are seriously ill Almost all the pain Can Be relieved by modern medical techniques, so it is not Necessary to kill patient who can not be cured.

Many people are Against some form of Euthanasia but want to legalization Other forms. The handicapped are Against it for a reason, Which we must take careful Into Consideration. I want more research about this subject, research for ordinary people. Many people have not heard of the word "Euthanasia". Then it's Difficult to form an opinion on the problem.
The problem today is to Prepare a law That Concerns everyone, Which covers everyone's needs and opinions. Today this is impossible. What we need to do is to look over the 'care in the end of life.

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