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Excursion Report from Getå


The purpose of the excursion was that we would understand ecosystem structure and be able to make observations and investigations that are important to an ecosystem and interpret them.


1. sweep net
2. Bottenhåv
3. Lens
4. The plastic tray
5. 6pcs plastic jars with lids
6. Field Flora
7. Shovel


I took the bottom net and "scanned" ground for small animals and interesting things since we did our soil analysis where we took the spade and dug into the bottom of the ravine until we found three layers, then we walked up a bit and performed the same procedure
A little later we would find insects and small animals, I removed the top layer of moss to see what was available, and dug a bit of old stumps and old lumber.
Heard a noise while I was looking through old lumber and looked up and there was a squirrel.


Soil analysis:

We analyzed the soil and found that the lower / upper part of the gorge are the three top layers litter, humus and bleaching earth, we took a soil sample from the litter.
Litter was about 5cm "depth"
Humic was 5-10cm "depth"
Bleaching Earth was about 10-20 cm "deep"

Signs of major consumers:
Species Number Location
Squirrel 1 in a tree
Less consumers
Species Number Location
Shrimp 1 Pelvis
Mosquito 1 air
spindle 1 in the moss
Mask 1 In the moss
Isopods 3 In a stump
Snail 1 on a stump (under moss)
Butterfly Caterpillars 3 During moss


Bottom layer:
Species Location Coverage
Moss Grade 3 Lower Gorge
Mushrooms Grade 1 Lower Gorge
Grass Grade 1 Upper Gorge
Wood sorrel Level 1 In the middle of the gorge
Field layer:
Species Location Coverage
Ferns Grade 2 Lower gorge at water
Bilberry Grade 2 Mid ravine
Ängfrickan Equisetum pratense? Grade 1 Lower gorge at water
Shrub layer:
Species Location Coverage
Tall Grade 3 Full ravine
Birch Grade 1 Upper part (the sun)
Gran Grade 2 Lower part (in water)
Tree layer:
Species Location Coverage
Tall Grade 3 Full gorge (mostly on the waterfront)
Birch Grade 1 Upper Gorge (the sun)

Conclusion / comment:

My / our conclusion is as follows:
1. We believe that the result was reasonable and nature feel good and have a prosperity, it exerted a well-organized interaction between producers and consumers.
2. There should have been more large trees in the lower part of the valley, because there are more nutrients in there, but we did not find as many think will vary from place to place because there are different amounts of certain factors such as nutrition and space.
3. They grew very much ferns in the lower part of the valley but they were because they are very nutritional for them there and that it is their natural environment, has approximately the same conclusion for the remainder of the ecosystem
4. There are a lot of mosquitoes there, I think it is because there is such a moist environment and they can get the blood they need from smaller animals.

I think this is a reasonable conclusion given the time we spent there and the small area we explored
Pontus Laakkonen Bergdahl

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