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Harmful entertainment violence

Topic: Society
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There have been an awful lot of violence in the visual media and its potential impact on us. During the seventy years they conducted research on violence in the media have published thousands of studies of fictional violence. In general, both begins and ends research and debate on media violence with a condemnation of media content for its alleged effects on children and young people.
Occasionally, points out that everything is commercialism wrong. "There is so much violence because it sells," it said. Film and TV markets is, after all commercial markets where consumers want is what sells. Is there much violence on film and television, it is because violence is popular, but need the popularity mean that young people themselves begin to exercise violence? I do not think so, but there are of course those who think differently. "Entertainment violence is exaggerated and unreal," I have to me that I heard someone say. And I can agree that it is. A man could not possibly receive dozens of blows to the face and then return them in equal quantity. In fact, one can become unconscious after a hard enough and well-directed blows to the face. As a rule can handle it well for a while, but a dozen? Hardly, then you are rather stone dead.
To return to the question: How are we affected by the violence on TV and in movies? The answer I think is different from person to person. One can hardly put everyone into the same category, nor can one gender or age categorize us on this issue. I think it depends on the individual's psychological state. Are you easily influenced so are you. Then to alcohol and other drugs have an effect on people is an entirely different thing. I have no concrete facts on it, but enough, people are generally more aggressive when they have alcohol in your body. But it has nothing to entertainment violence affects us to do, unless you take drugs and looks at violence movie simultaneously. Then one might get the idea things, things that you normally do not even dreamed of doing. To go out on the town with a wooden baseball at the ready and hit all man walks past is not a normal tossing person would get the idea to do. In this situation, there must be something other than violent film that has a hand in the game. Alcohol and drugs, my answer to that question. This does not mean that everyone with alcohol in the blood behaves so.
I do not think we get a concrete answer to the question of how far entertainment violence affects us. Alcohol, drugs and testosterone excess think I'd rather are causes of all the violence we have today ... and that people are stupid, of course. Everything pounding that entertainment violence distorts our view of life and the human body's resistance I think is totally unnecessary. By the way, no matter how much politicians than nag, entertainment violence will persist. Much because it is so popular and thus selling well. And deep down, had not been good life dull without action movies?

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