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Fermentation in a glass with yeast and juice.

Subject: Chemistry
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Hypothesis: I predict That the reaction inside the ice cream will be a chemical reaction and That a new substance with new properties will be formed and That somekind of gas will be produced inside the glass. Equipment: Ice Cream
Rubber bands
Plastic foil
Orange juice

Method: First, take the glass and fill one third of it with orange juice. Add a moderate Amount
of yeast. Take the spoon and stir the best you can. Put the plastic over the ice cream, and mind thatthere Should be a sort of indention into the glass. Secure the plastic with a rubber band and put the glass against a radiator for a couple of hours.

Results: The results of this experimnet were: Before taking the plastic off the ice we saw Several things. The indention down in to the ice cream had gone away and was raised over the ice cream. The compund inside the ice cream looked blobby and note entirealy mixed. When we took the plastic off we could smell the smell of Yeast. Then we tasted the yeast. It tasted like sweet orange juice with yeast into.

Conclusions: From this experiment I can the conclude Several things. Firstly, in the ice cream the process That takes place is called fermentation. Fermentation is a kind of decomposion. There are Several kinds: Fermentation, Thermal, Electrolicis and light decomposion. Fermentation ice When one kind of big molecule breakes down in to other kinds of molecules. In this case the equation looks like this:
Energy  Carbon Dioxide + Lactic Acid + Energy
C6H12O6  CO2 + C2 H5 OH + Energy
 3CO2 C6H12O6 + 2C2H5OH + Energy

This is the process That takes place in the glass. As you can see the energy Becomes carbon dioxide, energy and lactic acid. Yeast respirates. Yeast ice alsovery Dependant on temperature. If yeast gets heated above 40 C * then it dies. When the temperature gets low then it stops breathing, but dosen't stop living.Yeast respirates using a nother kind of respiration than humans. This kind of respiration is called anaerolic respiration. The kind we humans use is called aerobic respiration. The equation looks like this:

Energy  Carbon Dioxide + Water + Energy
C6H12O6  CO2 + H2O + Energy
C6H12O6  6CO2 + 6H2O + Energy

When Yeast respires it produces lactic acid. This is the kind of acid That we'll get in out muscles When we havebeen working a lot with them. The Acid That is produced does not have anywhere to go so it stayes in our muscles. This is why at some stage we'll have to stop Doig whatever with our muscles. Note Because of pain but Because there is no energy left in our muscles.

Discussion: This experiment ties into Several situations daily, When You bake bread. The yeast in it respirates and produces lactic acid and Continues to produce it until the yeast has come out of the body. This is why dough ice dangeroud to eat. When we have let the yeast die, by putting it in the oven it is safe to eat it since it is ded.

Also, When You are making wine you use yeast as an ingrediant. You mix the flavor ingrediant with yeast and suck. When The suguar mixes with yeast the process makes carbon dioxide and lactic acid. Lactic acid is alcohol. When you then have a container with the alcohol you heat it to get all the bad tasting stuff out of the wine. Then you store it to get a good taste.

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