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File Sharing

Topic: Ethics , Society , Technology
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When they make their files accessible to other computers and the computer network, the internet, for copying, file sharing.
For a long time it has been used for file sharing such as office in order to be able to share files and resources between computers and networks that are connected. You can share files across the Internet with much greater distances, and each Internet server performs file-sharing as of HTML pages. And because it is the largest file-sharing network. And one ändvänder different protocols for this.
A protocol so have become quite large now in recent times, BitTorrent, using the spread large files without burdening any individual host, and so it is difficult to see where the file is actually coming from. It is seen as a great advantage to spread in some cases without the author's permission. The whole thing has grown so quickly after that that many people have access to huge amounts of info. Great part of it that is downloaded is copyrighted material that becomes tillänglig without the copyright owner can check or payment, called piracy
There are between 600,000 and 1.2 million file-sharers in Sweden according to different sources.
File sharing is discussed in the media, most of the debate on piracy. Illegal file sharing is now much debated. The debate Players consists of the trade organization Swedish Anti-Piracy Bureau and the copyright critical think tank Piratbyrån and the copyright critical Pirate Party.
A widely used protocol for file sharing is Bitorrent. E.g. 's BitTorrent tracker The Pirate Bay in Sweden, which is the largest gathering of the copyrighted material.
Kazaa is also one of the file-sharing program, but it has become unpopular because many files shared contain viruses or they do not work.

There are different opinions about how file sharing harms artists. Fonogram sales have decreased in Sweden during 2002-2006, but bookings for live concerts and festivals have become much more. Many artists have used file-sharing technology to sell and promote their music. Such a file sharing is not illegal. But a file is illegal if it is protected by copyright and the copyright holder opposes free dissemination. The author may authorize the dissemination of their work by licensing the material with a free license.
To copy some copyrighted material for private use, ie family and friends, you are entitled to in Sweden. If, for example bought a DVD or CD and you have the right to copy it to himself or to other associates, without the permission of the rights holder. But it does not apply to computer programs or for the whole book. To get this right, you pay a tape charge on blank writable media later distributed to copyright holders.
You should not download the material as anyone could have put out on the internet, without the knowledge of the right holder has allowed it. If it has not allowed it, it matrealet protected and subject to copyright.


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