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Movie analysis: Sliding Doors

Subject: English , Reviews
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The story is about Helen. The story has two plots, in one story she make it to the train and When she comes home she walk in to her bedroom where her boyfriend is in the middle of a six act whit his mistress, but in the other she miss the train and do not make it home in time to found out That her boyfriend have a mistress. Then the movie is about how her lift turnout in the different directions.
The main character Helen is played by Gwyneth Paltrow who is a big Hollywood actress. She played in movies like Shakespeare in Love, Which she won an Oscar statuette for. Right now she is making a new movie The world of tomorrow, there she play the agent actors Jude Law and Angelina Jolie.
The message in this movie is, I think, That your life can change so much right if you miss the train or not. Every second today make a different for the rest of your life.
Sliding doors is the doors on the train in the beginning I believe. Those doors have a big importance in this movie so I think it is a good title to this movie.
I think it was o good movie Because:
First It was a somewhat plot.
2nd It was good actors.
3rd It Happens new things al the time, you never bored.
4th I like the Irish who speaks, it's cute.
I think You should see this movie Because it's a different way of making a movie and it's a nice movie that's never boring.

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