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Philosophy - Beauty

Subject: Philosophy, Society
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It is the inside that counts?

You often hear that it's the inside that counts. But is it really so? In today's society will be judged by their appearance. If one is rich or poor, handsome or ugly, successful or unsuccessful people think they know how to be on the inside. There will always be a bias, and it is probably not going to do anything about.

The ideal of beauty now and then

If we take for example the appearance, before they have started talking with someone is the only thing you know about the person how it looks. But what is that determines today's ideal of beauty? Today the ideal for women to be thin, big tits, big lips, high cheekbones clear, bronzed, etc. Men must be trained, long, styled hair, heavy jawbone. But it was not for example, 200 years ago. When was the ideal to be thick because if one was narrow, it was a sign that they had nothing to eat and were therefore poor. It would also be very pale because if it was brown was also a sign that they had been out in the sun and worked. In the 1920s would the women do not look like women, but more as tomboys. They would be narrow, cut short with small breasts. It is only recently that this unnatural ideal has become popular. Because of it also has plastic surgery increased sharply. Nowadays, it is only common for women to put some silicone here and there. Today there is probably not a magazine without some article about dieting, cosmetic surgery, cosmetic advice, training, etc. When you're little girl who plays often with Barbie dolls. Just look at those, they are beautiful and so narrow. This also continues throughout life, after Barbie, various programs on television since it continues only. But I do not say that only girls who are under pressure to look good. Many guys in movies and on television is extremely fit and look good and are tough. But it's not just the media you are under pressure, both girls and boys are under pressure from the get along with. This also sends out a misleading picture of how it "should" look like. There are many young people who get eating disorders and may even die of all the pressure they have to be "right".

Power, money and success

Already when starting school begin to measure up to their peers in terms of knowledge. You quickly get a stamp. If you are a good student you will quickly stamp "pluggis" of those in the class who are not as gifted. Once one has received a stamp follow it with a throughout the school even if they deserve it or not. But it was the class of light while at school will probably get a good job later in life and thus good jobs, high pay and a lot to say. While those who did not behave as good probably will not get as good a job etc. But success and appearance is also connected. If you have an amazing voice but not look so good, it's harder to be successful in eg vocals industry than if one looks good but does not have such a special voice.

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