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Finnish Winter War

Topic: History , War
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Mainila: Mainila is a village located in Russia. But one day it happened a little conflict

and then it became four Soviet soldiers were murdered. Soviet Union wanted to know who was behind this murder and those investigated but eventually put them blame on the Gulf of Finland, but authorities denied the Soviets said. This happened November 26, 1939.

Soviet Union attacked them on 30 November and the war ended after four months and was on 14 mars in 1940.

The war: a hard morning Finns have experienced November 30 when the Soviet Army was also called the Red Army attacked Finland with their tanks, planes. Finnish army was not as strong as the Red Army, they had not as much equipment and soldiers.

Red Army: 460 000 men, 1500 tanks and about a 1000 aircraft.

Finnish army: 200 000 men, 32 tanks and around 119 aircraft.

But Finland did not want to give up and chose to fight but they chose another approach and that was that they would defend than to attack the opponents to them knew they had no chance. The Finns what adept at aiming. in Europe and they could hide in many field such as forests and large lakes. So it was a little dicey for the Red Army. The Finns wanted to defend that war would be a while, and they can withstand the cold weather more than Soviet soldiers. Soviet troops attacked the first Ladoga and Petsamo but later attacked them with aircraft capital Helsinki and the city of Vyborg. Finnish people were frightened and refused to live in Helsinki so about 100 000 people left the capital. The bombs that made people became afraid and it dropped some 100 000 bombs and approximately 1,000 bombs were directed against civilians. Approximately 1000 people died and 2000 were injured. The Soviet Union had an agreement with Estonia and it was good for Russia because then they could attack Finland from the south. So on the same day captured Red Army to a city of Finland and the town was called Terijoki. The Finns were surprised when the Soviets attacked them from the east by as Finnish army had to fight from the east with but those expecting that the Red Army would arrive at

ödmarksvägarna so they can be fixed and Finnish army managed to kill 4,000 soldiers and imprisoned 600 soldiers from the opponents.

On 7 December, there was a new battle but it was not so difficult for Soviet soldiers. Finnish army burned the village where it was contrary to the Red Army would not be able to hide somewhere and Finnish army to baked over two islands named Niskanselkä and Haukiperä. The next day, it was a very difficult battle for both sides. Finnish Army received a major assault by a large Soviet soldier group that had about 45 000 men and the other one had only 11,000 but the Finnish army did well and crushed opponents. Approximately 900 who died from the Finnish side and 27,000 from other side but the Finnish army also captured 85 tanks, 537 trucks, 1,620 horses, 138 guns and 6,000 rifles so you could say that it crushed the Soviet soldiers that day.

The Finns could not celebrate the new year because of what is happening and the first month of the new year, it was quiet from both sides. Soviet Union changed its army commander Yakovlev out against Timoshenko. Both countries began to exercise more because you did not know when they would get a new attack. February 1, 1940 attacked the Red Army Finns again but those Finnish army could fight but after 10 days of battle could the Red Army win against them and cross the line built by both the fighting, it was kind a line that divided between them and one was called Mannerheim Line. Sweden wanted to help Finland in any way that they took care of the Finnish children but February 27 came some men from Sweden, Norway and Denmark to stand at the Finnish side and Sweden had given to Finland 84 000 rifles, 104 anti-aircraft guns and 32 aircraft .

Soviet soldiers could not come to Finland with their U-boats to the Baltic Sea was frozen but Sweden could donate things to Finland by a road that was called Quark traffic but in Finland called them the way of the Milky Way.

Then began the Finns have contact with France and Britain, and the two countries offered Finland to something if they need help, Finland Received 22 000 soldiers and firearms from the United Kingdom and France. But Sweden would not send troops to Finland to war to them thought that it was not a good location to send troops to them remembered his country. But Finland fought anyway, so the Isthmus, it was 8:08 a.m. Finnish divisions against 22 Soviet which was a pain for Finland, but in Ladoga so obliterated Finnish army on the 18th and the 34th Soviet division. But the Finnish army was afraid that they would continue to attack other divisions due to firearms that were on the west which made the Soviet army was going to conquer the country. Finland could not manage more war against the Soviet Union went Finland, the City minister to Moscow and try to talk to the Soviet side, Filand had to let some cities like Vyborg, Kexholm and some to be the Soviet Union and then wrote them an agreement that they would stop War and the agreement was March 12th and the day after it became a stop on all battles.

Since then, Finland started to cooperate with Germany ruled by Hitler. They collaborated with them to them would get help if something should happen.

Children: several thousand children in Finland lost their parents as they were sent to Sweden for someone to take care of them and it was about 70 000 children and about 10 000 of them were adopted into Swedish families. One of those children who lost their parents is one of the best cross country skiers and his name was Toini Gustafsson

USSR: Soviet Union was created after the civil war in the country between the Red Army and the white, that was years 1918-1922. White army consisted of several parts and it was socialisms, nationalists and some parties and their thoughts were that they wanted Russia to become independent and they got the help and support of 22 countries. In 1919, the war between Russia and Poland, but Russia lost the war, but the Red Army crushed the White Army during the Civil War. The Soviet Union was 22.4 million km2, and it lived 288 600 000 inhabitants. The country was so large that it was both in Asia and Europe but Moscow was the capital city of the European part. Vladimir Lenin became a leader of the Bolshevik Party in Russia after the revolution that was in Russia and he was chairman of the Council of Peoples Commissars in 1917 until he died and that was in 1924. It was he and other Soviet republics who created the Soviet Union and the official language would be Russian. 1918 made them peace with Germany and then have them changed many things as Orthodox Church should be separated from the school and the state. And in the same year that killed them Emperor's family in Russia because he had done violation of the Russian people. Lenin died in 1924 and it was two after he competed with each Trotsky believed in world revolution and the other was Stalin who would defend the Soviet Union that they would resist socialisms still. 1929 was appointed Stalin, a dictator of the Soviet Union. Then he began to improve the country with industries so that the economy improved the most begin to move to the industrial cities. He planned also have a 5 year plan asså how the country's economy would look like in five years. 1929 worked collaborated Germany and the Soviet Union in black as France did not know what they were doing, Germans and Soviets have agreed with each other that it would share Poland and it was a protocol to the Soviet Union and Germany would share with each other Eastern European countries and that again would mix in about Hitler attacking Poland so he attacked Poland, September 1, 1939, and after about two weeks went Soviet army into Poland and conquered the eastern part, then attacked them Finldand November 30, 1939 and ended in 1940. Then began Stalin renovates and improve the army so he got a surprise and it was when he had a seizure by Germany and it was June 22, 1941. I think I've written enough now so I can finish this little essay with the Soviet Union disbanded December 26, 1991 .

Stalin: Joseph Stalin was born on 18 decemer 1878 in Georgia. He was a politician in the Soviet Union since he became a secretary there and when Lenin died as he had become a leader of the Soviet Union, it was 1924. Stalin tanks water that Russia or the Soviet Union would become a famous industrial country. Stalin also fought against Hitler when he attacked him and it did Stalin never that Hitler would attack him and Germany lost the war after very bloody difficult days. Stalin had a difficult childhood, his father was alcoholism and shoemakers. He lost his father when he was eleven years. Stalin Plugged In church school who smiled in his hometown and he did it well and his thought was that he would become a priest. He went into the social party and got to say his ideas but what he said was that he was fired from the school and was chased by the emperor's soldiers. Although he was in bad situation and the police chased him but he planned bank robbery, demonstrations but finally got them caught him and he ended up in prison, he was exiled seven times and he managed to escape five times. As he walked out of prison so he joined the Bolshevik Party, it was 1912. He then worked in a magazine called Pravda and after the Revolution of October, he became People's Commissar of Nationalities Affairs in the government. Lenin was the leader of the Soviet Union, his health began to get worse and worse so in the end he died, and as we said before Stalin became leader of the Soviet Union. Stalin died March 5, 1953 and was buried in Moscow.

Finland: Finland had a very difficult history, one can say the country was part of Sweden and then it was conquered by Russia in the 1800s. So that their language was not officially in the country. In a book called (sjubröder) written by Aleksis Kivi told him how the Finns suffer, they want their own country, their own kick and own government and parliament as they were able to determine the laws themselves instead of other countries would decide how and what they will do. Finland was conquered by the Russian Tsar Nicolaj Bobrikov and he was shot June 16, 1904 in fairy Finland, the main state Helsinki by a student named Eugen Schauman and then graduated suicide. Since then Finland got its rights and Schauman became a hero in the Finnish history. After all, it was relaunched in Finland so it was choice and women could vote and 17 women were elected to work in the danger days. In 1917, Russia independently, but after yourself constantly unit so do not come any pariter in Finland agree on anything so it was a civil war in the country. Approximately 70,000 who died managed directly after the Civil War, it became three wars between Finland, Germany and the Soviet Union, two wars against the Soviets and against Germany. 1982 began the new president of Finland, Mauno Koivisto to work gently until the Soviet Union dissolved and Finland blv member of the EU in 1995 with Sweden and Austria.

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