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Fishing & Fishing Tackle

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Fish make up a large part of the human diet. But part of the catch is ground into animal feed of various kinds. The fish is important for us, because it contains so many great topics including fat Omega 3. Then it is also important to have good methods and gear to catch fish with.
We split the gear into three different groups.
Hook accessories, which consists of fishing rod, a rod and longlines which are long reef. There are also all kinds of moves that spoon lure, lure, jig and hook with bait. The bait may consist of worms, power baits that are made so that they will recall the pellets that certain fish have been fed on them had been in captivity. But the bait can also be composed of smaller fish if you want to fish a little larger fish.
Entangling, as different networks outsourced by big fisherman but that also exists among holiday fishermen. They operate so that tightening up the network between two buoys where it is believed that there are plenty of fish. And then one device at the bottom of the networks. And then you baiting them periodically.
Encircling, this occurs nets and lobster pots. There is also a beam that is a bag-shaped nets towed by a boat on or above the seabed. This has caused major problems for it destroys the seabed so that the fish hiding places and food disappears. It also happens that large water animals that harbor porpoises caught in the trawl. Trawling can be used for things other than fishing. It can be used for the collection of animals for research.
There is something called sonar and it is a small transmitter that sits on the keel of the boat. It sends out signals and locate schools of fish. This can be seen on a monitor that is connected
to the transmitter.

Fish Story

The earliest fishing practice was to catch fish with your hands. And before you started fishing with hook so they used too sharp spear. But the downside of that was that when something is under the water so it looks like the distance is longer than it is. When they started to use the hook so were the first made of wood. It was a small stick that was pointed at both ends and where did it on the bait. When this proved to work well so it evolved to be made hooks in flint and stone. Fly-fishing in ancient Macedonia 200's e.kr was "fly rod" which is a precursor to our time fly fishing already common. The idea that you would use fishing as a sport would have been many who lived about 300 years ago to turn in their graves. Because then traded fishery only if that one would obtain food. That says quite a lot about the development of fishing the past 300 years.
Meta, you can even fish from a boat and land. It should preferably be calm when you angle but it is also excellent if a little breeze in the air. The equipment usually consists of a strong and stable rod. But it should still be possible to bend so that you feel better about the biting. Which reel to wear depends on what one is prepared to pay. But one should always try to acquire the finest reels affordable. For they last longer and then evens out the price in the long run. The best-known manufacturers of rolls is ABU, Mitchell and Ryobi. The floats one should is stick floats or wagglerflöten of peacock pens. They can be difficult to obtain in some countries. But in most places seems to import the floats that are made in England. Most ropes are manufactured in Germany and France. Which line you choose is entirely dependent on what one wants, and what size you would expect in the catch. The same goes for the hook you choose. A great accessory that you should invest in is a large landing net so you do not fish that comes off the hook and falls back into the water.

Fly Fishing

You can fish fly fishing from both boat and land. Fly fishing is the most natural method of fishing in the world. In Central Europe, became popular fly-fishing in recent decades. In Scandinavia during the 1980s, fly-fishing his big break. When fly fishing thrown the featherweight fly (hook) with the aid of the rope weight. The fly is so light that it floats on the sea surface so that it will resemble the true flies that move around in much the same way as a flugfiskares fly. At flugkastet have rope crucial. For it is that which determines the weight throw. The upholstery should be discreet, happily camouflaged.

Fish Environment

Board of Fisheries Marine Laboratory conducted a study where it is shown that the beam boundaries so have stocks of cod and pollack fallen sharply in recent years. In addition, bycatch, ie all other fish as you get up in fishing great. It has also been discovered that fish as large as 20-30cm completely missing in the area. This is due to the increased trawling on the west coast. Bottom Trawling in the Skagerrak and Kattegat have increased by more than 200% since the year 1978. But the fish has not completely run out. The fish that are left have just pulled further out to sea. But it has become much smaller colloidal salt fish and the situation is most threatened cod.

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