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The girl Amityville

Subject: Swedish
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Is it really true that God watches over us all? He never forgets someone, someone to hold his hand over and protect against evil? Now you hear about the girl that God glömde.Tessan was her name, and for eleven years she had lived with her mother. Her mother was constantly depressed and Tessan had to practically bring up and take care of himself, which could not always be so easy. Constantly she tried to please everyone, she tried to be the best student in the whole school and be liked by both teachers and students. The more she tried, the more she failed. All refused to like her, why, nobody knows.

A typical day after school on the way home, I thought Tessan at her mother, she thought about how she could make her happier. In the end, she decided to do good and smariga cheese and ham sandwiches to his mother as she would be served in bed. Where she always was, so to speak.

She went into her mother's room with a tray on which was written a glass of orange juice and good sandwiches. On the bedside table, she saw an empty liquor bottle and a bunch of pills scattered. In the bed lay her mother lifeless on his own vomit with froth in his mouth. Everything darkened for Tessan and suddenly she began to cry and panicked. She tried to revive her mother through CPR but got no response. In the end, she called an ambulance which arrived after about seven minutes. But it was too late. Tessan realized what was happening.

At the hospital she was told that there was nothing they could do, it was too late. Now it was clear to her that she was all alone and all she could think about was what she had done wrong. What had she done to deserve this? Was she really such a bad daughter? Could she have done something to prevent her mother's horrific act? Why did she abandon her? ¨

The next morning, the doorbell rang. It was a social worker who came to fetch her. They explained to her that as of that day she would live with her father she barely knew. All she knew was that was an alcoholic as many times been in custody for assault.

When she first arrived with her father and opened the door to the apartment, she was treated by a förfäligt nauseating stench that seemed like a mixture of sweat, liquor, food scraps and vomit. She went into the apartment and greeted politely at his father who could not have cared less. The only thing he did was to point to a small dark room where there was a camp bed and a tiny office next door. She went into the room and began to pack up their things. When she had done so hemstadd as possible, she began to feel tired and decided to sleep.

Middle of the night, she wakes from her father takes her while he fondles himself and panting loudly. She gets scared, removing his from his body and ask him to stop. He is furious and pulls her up out of bed, he throws her into the wall so hard that she hit in the head quite hard. He approaches her and begins to paw at her as he tries to kiss her. She resisted and he hit her several times while he yells at her that she should stay with him so she'll do it on his terms. That night, she was with her virginity in such a manner as every girl's largest and most horrible nightmare.

In the morning when she woke up she was alone in the room. She went to the bathroom and dropped a bath. In the bath she was over an hour and scrubbed as much as probably not done. She felt so dirty and disgusting after what her father subjected her to. She struggled at feel clean, but nothing helped, it did not matter how much she scrubbed her body and how hard she washed herself.

After a few hours, wakes her dad. He went into the kitchen where Tessan was and he told her to make breakfast for him. She said no. Then he shouted rather than for her to make breakfast for otherwise she would regret that she did not. She then told him that he could do his own fucking breakfast and that he was not worthy enough to eat the food she prepares. Someone slipper to him, she said, although she was not for him. She should probably not say he beat then to her several times in the face. After he had beaten her so he took a beer in the fridge and sat on the couch in the living room. When she stood up, she felt an indispensable pain in the face and yet she began to make breakfast for her father.

Tessan was sixteen years now and it had then been five years since her mother died of an overdose. In five years, the beatings and the rapes continued. Because of that she was ashamed and felt dirty so she had dropped out of school. Not only that it was also her period two weeks overdue. She decided to take a pregnancy test. When she received the decision, she felt a rush of shivers, one of her worst nightmares had been beaten up. She was pregnant and the father of the child was her own father.

One month later Tessan testify against his father in court because of all the abuse he subjected her to. But it was not she who reported it, it was one of the neighbors who lived in the same building as her father. Her father received jail and because of this had Tessan nowhere to go, and she really did not want to stay in foster care. So now she was pregnant with a bastard on the street without turbines food or money. She could only think of one solution to the problem and that was that protestuera itself. Many times she was deceived and abused by their customers, so often she was bruised and without money. But that did not stop her from trying to get a new customer. Months went by and belly began to show more and more and it became increasingly difficult to get customers.

One day Tessan something incredibly horrible magvärkar but she refused to go to hospital because she was afraid of ending up in foster care. She put her behind a dumpster that stood near where she was. For hours she labored and struggled to get the baby out. She screamed in pain, a pain that she never felt before. Once she successfully born child, she realized that it was stillborn. She wrapped the baby in a sweater and threw it in the container.

She lived on with her life as if nothing had happened, but one day she meets a person she least expected that she would meet. It was her father and he was not happy to see her. He high grab her arm with a firm grip and pulled her into a long dark alley where there were a few dumpsters. Tessan asked what he wanted, and asked him not to hit her. Turn you, why do you think I would do such a thing? Said her father. Tessan saw the anger in his eyes that she had never seen before, and she knew he would do something horrible. Before she knew it, she was lying on the ground while her father stood and stomped on her. She tried to scream for help but it was hopeless, he had kicked the jaw dislocated and perhaps even crushed it. She could do nothing, do not move, do not even speak, she just lay there and felt the blood gushed from the body, she became increasingly weak, vision and pain twisted away more and more. The last thing she ever knew and saw was when her father's gob hit her cheek and watch him turn his back and walk quietly away. For several months he was called but he was never found.

Yes, so what do you think, is really gud an eye on all of us, or he and Satan divided the responsibility? What do you think?

Lina Holmgren

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