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Fly Clear

Subject: Swedish
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There was once a small fly, which lived on the food that she found the muck.
The fly was living in the Sahara, which was a Sandbox in the northwest Skara
Klara who just turned four, actually wanted to be an ant.
But now it's as it is, it's better to understand and learn.
Klara lives with his father, he is usually nice and sweet.
He hetter Rudolf happy as he was, who never knew where he has his pants.
Clara's mother is a mosquito, but the day was the most timid.
The mother's name was Lena Shy, and wanted a new house build.
Clara and Rudolf lived under an oak, the best thing they did was to play a game.
The game was to fly soon, to win the game it was very large.
For those who won the game was usually best, losing the game and that was the very plague.
But in the middle of the night quietly and clearly, she had to be both mother and father.
The moment was often nice, but the night is dark and they could be scary.
One night when they va out flying, came a myrsnok that were green and sucked.
The close call was, was stopped by the managed dear father. - If you do not want to become my enemy and fight, you should immediately stop blowing against us
- Threaten me not little fly, I'm hungry and you have to do.
- Now you have to fight me, come on your big block.

The fly he won very easily, weaker anteater, he had never seen.
Now the danger was finally over, at very little Klara sleep now need.
When she returned to the high oak tree, she dreamed of the new deck.
The game was to build a car, and drive a short distance away maybe a mil.
For some distance away lived cousin Lasse, he lived with crocodile Basse.
They were two väligt nice guys, they share the house for two large shrubs.
Basse loved to have fun and joke, Basse and Lasse had built a hut
One day she might meet with Lasse and Basse, or why not please my grandfather Piglet.
Grandpa Piglet lived on Clara, where he likes to be alone.
But when Klara juice and buns brought up, he was absolutely distraught and rant like a rooster.
Grandpa was a very kind man who liked to play with Clara when he hurricane and did.

- Grandpa you are so amazingly cute, why are you always so lullig?
- The juice makes me so tired himmla, now becoming soon black and dull.
- But grandfather you can not sleep yet, will not you meet my new friend?
- No thanks! Mummla grandfather and fall asleep fast, I walked quickly to the bun start smelling droppings.

Now it was already nine, Klara would sleep ten.
Ready to fall asleep fast and pretty, after ten buns, it was pretty easy.
The next morning was Clear and Rudolph on vacation, they went all the way to Grandma Esther.
Grandma Esther, who lives in a small lake in the middle of the funns a small island
The island is called götaön, because it is so green
The flowers smell so fresh and so good, she wish she had such an island.
But if she took a small blade, would probably father Rudolf be very happy.
Faroe all want to have a pleasant scent of nature, though little Clara and the other animals.
So now took Clara with a little fragrance, they thought everyone was very soft.
Famor Esther gave us cake, her nose was a giant wart.
Appetite disappeared with a bang, but not for Rudolf who ate like a wreck.
Now it was time to fly, we thank Esther and pretended to be shy.

-Now take a piece with you so you are not starving, fly quiet and careful so you do not crash and overturned.
-Thank you grandma, but I'm full and satisfied, now I'll sing on that beautiful song.

For a fly is not so smart, but it may come up at a terrific speed.
It sounds with a bang and a crash, so is the little stakars fly like a sinking wreck.
When Clara came home, she met a guy, he was quite nice and was called Krille.
Clara started to like Krille on Throw, her case for the so-called flirtation.
Now it was Krille and complete a pair, now it's not long left to Klara ring takes.
Marriage is always nice feel ready, as long as grandpa awake can be.

-Tage you this sweet little Clara, you must be a kind man.
-I tage of this ray of sunshine to my wedded wife, I have to wait or do I get a kiss now?
-You must wait for the bride said yes, if it is so you the bride wants.

But before the priest could speak clearly, it was already full speed.
The rice that flew around in the little church, Grandpa Piglet had now awakened and regained strength.
Now be all hunky-dory, except for stakars myrsnoken that was completely warped and bent.
This is unfortunately the story over, now I immediately sleep behvöer.

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