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Prohibit smoking

Topic: Society
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I do not understand why people smoke it's so stupid in every way. It is expensive, the production of cigarettes is not good for the environment. Smoking is bad for both their own health and for the smoker's environment. Large areas of forest and rainforest disappears in South America just to be able to make room for growing tobacco. Those who work there may be inhaling all the dangerous substances and they do not live very long. If they cut themselves, which can very easily happen eg of a knife or a tobacco plant, and the wound contact with the tobacco plant can be poisoned and die. Many smokers think not of those who are disturbed by the smoke, but only smoke beside people. It shortens the life of its own and will miss many great memories and life events. Smoker's also the biggest egotist in the world. They do not think that family and friends will be sad when they die prematurely. It is also very expensive to smoke in Sweden. One year cigarette consumption costs around 13 500. Instead of smoking, one can go on vacation or buy a new computer or television. It also costs society a lot of money, with all heart attacks and strokes that are created by smoking. Lying in hospital and surgery is not free. The only one who benefits from this is a few bastards who own the companies. Do you think they smoke? NO! They just make a lot of money and live in huge luxury. Phillip Morris is the owner of several major cigarette companies and multi-brand cigarettes; Marlboro, PM and Eve (Eve cigarettes "for" women, the packaging is decorated with flowers). Mr. Morris does not smoke, he only makes money on that (in theory) kill people. There are laws on how to get to market, manufacture and sell cigarettes that is not enough. They should ban it altogether.

I even think that we should introduce a ban on cigar ether and cigars, give heavy fines and several years in prison for those who continue to smoke anyway. You should also execute cigarette. That's what I think.

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