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Carburetors available on all petrol things as: Mopeds, motorcycles, all kinds of motors, except electric motors that I know of.
A vaporizer is a metal box, one can say, with different shapes, depending on whether it's a moped, motorcycle, tractor etc.
There are different parts of a carburettor, for example. Throttle position, float, inlet, and shoke.

All the information that I write here on this judgment papers are from my Honda MT5 standing in the shed at home in Bohus.Nu comes some info on the different parts of the carburetor:
Throttle: Throttle is gas wire. From the gas lever on the handlebar cable goes through a
hose down to the gasifier and ends with a sort nut then a spring,
a small collar and a kind of needle to the bottom of the gasifier into a hole there.
Float: É a small float can be said inside the bottom of the carburetor. Where
gasoline comes in, when the Dutch part of the carburetor is full of gasoline
float up and off again so it will not get into more gasoline into the
carburetor. And when you've used the gasoline in the float to open
cover, and it can get into more gasoline in the carburetor.

Inlet: The inlet is not part of the carburetor but it is a part that is attached to
That said intake we're talking about the part that sits with 4 screws on
gasifier and is in turn the cylinder, where fuel and oil on the engine
to have it go into the cylinder.
Filters: The filter is also attached with the carburetor. It takes air (oxygen) and mixes with
gasoline in the carburetor. If it gets too much air or too little
so the engine runs worse or it may die.
Shocke: Schocken can use in case the engine fails to start after it has been an
tag. If you pull out the shock, it's supposed to be a little more
gasoline to the carburetor than usual so it will start easier.

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