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"What happened during the Holocaust, and why?"

The Holocaust is a genocide of 6 million Jews. The Nazis thought that the Jews were dangerous and disgusting. They must be eradicated so they do not destroy the Aryans (the "clean" people). It came out movies and books with propaganda described this. There were also laws that prohibited Jews from marrying Aryans. This was done to freeze the Jews out of society. The night between the 9th and November 10th was the next step in the extermination. The Nazis wanted to see how people and the environment react to violence against Jews. Therefore burned synagogues, houses and shops owned by Jews were destroyed and looted and then got the Jews to blame for all this and had to pay the repair costs. Additionally, imprisoned 30,000 Jews. Now the Nazis were confident that the Jews were an outcast group in society. Now that Germany had taken over more land so had them more Jews to "take care of". The Germans decided that the Jews would stay in special slums so-called ghettos. The given hands could 15 people inhabit a room, the food rations were very small and diseases spread very easily. The given hands formed special counsel who made sure that all German orders were carried out. In addition, they decided which ones would be sent away with the special Jewish police and killed. 1941 was the next step in the extermination. Germany attacked the Soviet and in every village or town they took over they picked out all the Jews and they sent to an execution site. There they dig a mass grave. After they have undressed naked and stood at the edge of the shot they. This, however, took too long as the Nazis were looking for another method to kill Jews. They locked the Jews and smother them with a special insecticide,
Zyklon B. Now it was built dödfabriker where there were gas chambers and crematory ovens.
Now began the extinction intensive period. The biggest extermination camp was
Auschwitz-Birkenau in southern Poland. It was divided into different departments.
The old, the sick, women who had children who came were sent to the gas chambers. Those who were young and strong could eg First sent to a labor camp or a German-owned factory that was nearby or they could become guinea pigs for various experiments. When they finally, after many months of hard work and almost no food so most were too weak to work and was then sent to the gas chambers. Some soldiers and police officers who felt bad all the killing could be doing other tasks. These were called executioners.
Those who worked to annihilate the Jews never came near the gas chambers. Some could instead plan to train schedules laurels, buy gas or led police troops who arrested Jews in a part of the country. Six million were killed by the Nazis, half died in the various extermination camps. The Nazis also killed about half a million gypsies and tens of thousands of homosexuals.
Then there are also 6 million political opponents, the guerrilla fighters, prisoners of war and others that the Nazis tortured to death or executed, though these usually do not count as victims of the Holocaust. Many Nazi leaders were sentenced to death after the Holocaust convicted of genocide and crimes against humanity.

Why did then these genocides?
Jewish Persecution has found many hundreds of years. Church accused the Jews of killing Jesus, during the Middle Ages. When the plague came, the Jews debt. It was a good way for those in power to blame the Jews. This made blah Hitler when he was about to get power. Over 30 Europe was in an economic depression, but there were many successful Jews. As pointed out Hitler their framgångsrikhet and blamed them for the economic crisis. Why Hitler was so hateful toward Jews, I can not answer on.

"Tell us about Pearl Harbor and what the consequences were."

During the 1930s, as were Japan to become a modern country, and then wanted to take part of European technology. Japan also lacked commodities like oil tin and rubber which were important to the process of modernization in Japan. This was because they had no colonies to supply them with raw materials. Japan would now take over other colonies in Asia vilkets owned by the Western World countries like USA, UK, France and the Netherlands. The fact that there was a war, this was a great opportunity to trap for Japan to take over these colonies. After many of these countries were busy fighting against Germany and the Nazis and had therefore not so strong defense in the colonies. If they were to succeed in taking over these so Japan would become financially independent of imports and exports of other countries. US President Rosenwellt knew it would be a problem with Japan so therefore he tried to find a way to prevent Japan from taking over the colonies and therefore also prevent Japan from becoming a great power. Therefore he reduced the exports of iron and ore to Japan, which gave a major impact because Japan was dependent on these exports. 1940 as Japan occupied large parts of the colony power Indochina. US tried to save the situation through tougher sanctions and negotiations with Japan, but these did not help. Eventually Japan took over Indochina. Then strangled the US exports completely. In October, General Hideki Tojo Japanese Prime Minister. He sent a special ambassador to the US to negotiate. But US demands was that Japan would pull out of China and Indochina, but the Japanese did not want it. Now Japan was preparing for a war in the Pacific. In September 1942 hit Japan, Germany and Italy together, the three countries signed a tremaktsföredrag and later entered Japan a non-attacking pact with Stalin. Now Japan could go ahead with their plans without being disturbed by the Soviet Union. The next plan was to attack the naval base Pearl Harbor. The Japanese attacked in various waves. The first wave came 7:40 December 7, 1941 and ended 8.25 and the next wave came 8:40. Of the eight battleships sunk, Arizona, Oklahoma, West Virginia, and California, while Maryland, Nevada, Pennsylvania and Tennessee were badly damaged. Three destroyers and four smaller battleships sunk too while three light cruisers and one supply vessels seriously injured. 188 American planes destroyed and 63 aircraft were damaged. The Japanese lost not more than 29 aircraft and a maximum of 70 planes were damaged. On the American side was killed there in 2403 soldiers and 1032 soldiers were injured. The Japanese figure is uncertain but it was in all cases less than 100 men who died.
Although the Japanese had done such great devastation, they had also missed many of the major objectives. They had missed both aircraft carriers, which was one of the top targets, since they had also missed oil depots, which meant that the Americans could more easily recover.
On December 8, explains the US war against Japan. This also makes the UK. On December 11 Germany and Italy declare war on the United States. Now it is a real world war. After the United States taking large tracts of land in the Pacific wanted the United States to end the war. Japan refused to surrender to the United States dropped an atomic bomb on the industrial city of Hiroshima. The Japanese were still too proud to surrender to the United States dropped a second bomb. This was of another industrial town called Nagasaki. Now Japan surrendered, and thereby did for the war in the Pacific.

The biggest consequence of Japan attacked Pearl Harbor was that the United States turned against Japan and declared war. Furthermore created this war against the United States. Unless Japan had attacked the United States, but rather with Germany attacked the Soviet Union (although Germany should have taken over the UK before the attack on the Soviet Union.) So, Japan would have been able to take over the Soviet raw materials and thus become a great power. Since Germany had not even had to declare war on the United States and thus Germany had been able to become an even greater power. Another major consequence was that it tested a nuclear bomb on a country for the first time. The bombing of Hiroshima was the first time that a country tested a nuclear weapon in a war. This resulted in !!!! people dead.

"What was Hitler's biggest mistake during the war? Motivate! "

I think the biggest mistake Hitler did during World War II was to attack the Soviet Union. Now Hitler was in full war with Britain when he postpones the conquest of the British Isles and decides to attack the Soviet Union. Germans capture large areas of land until they had arrived about 8 mil outside Moscow. Then came the rain and the German tanks got stuck in the mud. When the German winter cold came with 30 degrees below zero died about 100 000 men in a couple of days because of frostbite. The Germans had only to thin summer clothes and no winter oil. Tanks and airplanes refused to start. The cartridges froze solid in the machine gun of hosts ammunition tapes.
It was not the attack itself which I think was wrong but it was time. Hitler would not have attacked before he had conquered Britain. He overestimated himself and thought he would be able to cope with a war on two fronts. If Hitler had instead waited until he had control of the UK and then attacked the Soviet Union along with Japan, Germany had been able to take over the Soviet Union. Actually, I think he should have stopped in 1940, and contented itself with half Poland, France, Holland, Belgium, Denmark and Norway. Then he should definitely not have gone out on a superpower like the Soviet. Again overestimated himself. That he is not equipped their troops with winter equipment was of course also quite clumsy. Hitler thought he would have taken over Russia over the summer.
Almost all of these mistakes based on Hitler overestimated himself as igentligen was the biggest "mistake". However, I do not count this as a mistake because he can not help it. He believed that Germany was invincible, which meant that he lost overstatement. No country can fight the whole world.

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