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Franklin Delano Roosevelt

Subject: Biographies
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Fr came fr † n "verklassens United States, with a rich cargo" gare to father. He f "was born
1882 p † the family estate, and "gnade their leisure † t hunting and horseback riding. 1907
he took his judidikexamen at Harvard University, and b "rjade
practice as a lawyer. At 28 † rs † Age gave Fr into politics. Unlike fr † n its
family, who were Republicans, he became a Democrat. In 1910 he was elected to

year 1913 utn "he was appointed assistant" leader of the Navy. Mari Minister
sj "lv was a weak person, s † Fr came into practice to serve as director f" r

1920 appeara "Cream Fr as vice president candidate. But Democratic
candidate f "rlorade, and Fr m" tte his f "first and only political motg † ng.

r 1921, he contracted polio, which d † was a serious illness, and l † g
f "rlamad in three † r But Fr v "grade to give up, and after another three
† r of rehabilitation could b "ferry r" ra again. He was basically
h "nvisad to access the rest of life, but that did not stop his
karri "r

1928 He was elected to guvern "rf" r New York State, an excell "RKT chance to
later kandidatera as U.S. president.

In the election campaign in 1932, he went forward with his program, the New Deal. M † Nga
Americans liked him and his program, and in January 1933 he was able to
tilltr "da president f" r U.S.. The program became a framg † ng, and 1936
he was elected president a second term by a large majority.

Shortly after † tb "rjade there r" ra themselves out in Europe, and Roosevelt was one of
those s † g it f "first. He f "rs" kte take † tg "rder and one v" rdens
Democrats, but Americans did not take † tg "rder that might
draw them into the war that threatened. After the fall of France † r 1940 "happened to be
st "f" rs † s policies among Americans and Roosevelt got † nyo
america st "d

H "stone in 1940 was the presidential election again. There was an unwritten rule,
no candidate had to sit in more "than two periods of four † † r each.
Democrats argued that the situation was s † then he should v "be sold
"Yet another g † ng, and Roosevelt tilltr" dde post of U.S. president f "r
g † third rail.

In December 1941, the American base of Pearl Harbor was attacked by
Japanese air. USA pulled d "rmed in iv 'War II against Germany, Italy
and Japan. Roosevelt participated in the war in conferences with their
allies, and utanp † this, he had also † plenty of other inter-
national "Verl" PLANTS. The press, however, was f "rh † rd f" r the wheelchair
bound man Roosevelt, and after the Yalta Conference with Churchill and Stalin
February 1945, he was completely exhausted.

The war point to a close, and finally Japan surrendered and
Germany. But Roosevelt did not live to see the war ended. He suffered
by hj "rnbl" ordre, and died in Warm Springs, Virginia APRIL 1945.
However, he had standard equipment "Glossy much of his time, since he had been elected to
president in January 1933 ....

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