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Franklin Delano Roosevelt

Subject: Biographies
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Fr came from upper-class United States, with a rich landowner to father. He was born in 1882 on the family estate, and devoted his spare time to hunting and horseback riding. In 1907 he took his judidikexamen at Harvard University and began practicing as a lawyer.

At the age of 28 gave Fr into politics. Unlike his family, who were Republicans, he became a Democrat. In 1910 he was elected to the Senate.

The year 1913 he was appointed Assistant Secretary of the Navy. Mari Minister himself was a weak person, so Fr came into practice to serve as director of the department.

1920 appeared Fr as vice president candidate. But the Democratic candidate lost, and Fr met his first and only political adversity.

In 1921 he was stricken with polio, which was a serious illness, and was paralyzed for three years. But Fr refused to give up, and after a further three years of rehabilitation could start moving again. He was basically confined to a wheelchair for life, but that did not stop his career.

In 1928 he was elected governor of New York State, an excellent chance to later kandidatera as U.S. president.

In the election campaign in 1932, he went forward with his program, the New Deal. Many Americans liked him and his program, and in January 1933 he was able to take over as president of the United States. The program was a success, and in 1936 he was elected president a second term by a large majority.

Shortly afterwards it started to move around Europe, and Roosevelt was one of those who saw it first. He tried to take action and one host's Democrats, but Americans did not take steps that might draw them into the war that threatened. After the fall of France in 1940, however, increased support for such a policy among Americans and Roosevelt was again America's support.

In autumn 1940, the presidential election again. There was an unwritten rule that no candidate had to sit for more than two terms of four years each. Democrats argued that the situation was such that he should be elected again, and Roosevelt took office as U.S. president for the third time.

In December 1941, the U.S. base Pearl Harbor attacked by Japanese aircraft. United States was drawn into World War thus against Germany, Italy and Japan. Roosevelt participated in the war in conferences with its allies, and outside this, he also had lots of other international deliberations. The press, however, was too hard for the wheelchair-bound man Roosevelt, after the Yalta Conference with Churchill and Stalin in February 1945, he was exhausted.

The war point to a close, and finally surrendered Japan and Germany. But Roosevelt never experienced war. He suffered a cerebral hemorrhage and died in Warm Springs, Virginia APRIL 1945. However, he had accomplished much during his time, since he was elected president in January 1933 ....

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