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French Revolution (1)

Topic: History
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Storming of the Bastille

It all began in July 1789 when rumors began to walk the streets of Paris that the king planned a coup and that the Bastille, an ancient castle that was now a prison was full of political prisoners and the soldiers just waiting to Parisians would turn to as they had to kill.
The commander was worried, in fact, he had only 80 senior soldiers and 30 professional soldiers from Switzerland. So on July 14 began the Parisians look weapons and gathered on the streets of a large group of people found their way to the Bastille and befällhaveren promised not to shoot, he and his soldiers retreated into them the inner part of the castle and people poured in through the master then ordered to shoot entrusted to their promise and then did some soldiers over to the people's side with their guns that they directed the counter the internal gate. The commander was afraid for her life and promised to open doors for people promised that he got out alive. He opened the gates, and they cut his head off, put it on a stick and walked away in triumph. When they then opened for prisoners so there were no political prisoners, but only four counterfeiters, a nobleman and two insane.

Why the revolution?

 short of money. Saten was short of money after all the wars.
 Weak leaders. "The King of God's grace" The King's will was God's will, and after King Louis came weaker successor was easier to stand in against.
 Third Estate demanding change. It was a group that had no power even if they were 98% of all who lived in France and now wanted them to have power.
 Dissatisfaction with the tax nobles did not themselves pay taxes, but it was only the farmers who were forced to do, nobility and even collect their own taxes from farmers to itself.
 dissatisfaction with nobility benefits. In every part of France as they had their own small parliament, it did not like the King and the government so they enchanted nobles to stop them, and this made them who belonged to the Third Estate argan.
 New ideas author, Voltaire, and Rousseau wrote about the king alone power and nobility and the church all the benefits.
 The American Revolution. It showed that a struggle could pay off most of them Frenchmen thought it was important that there was evidence to succeed.

Revolution ideas. A spokesman talking about revolution.

Liberty, equality and fraternity, the v is the motto of the revolution and it would become a new society, everyone should be born free and all were worth as much a, yes, certainly this gällda men, but women did not get nearly as much to say, it may just be the beginning of the revolution that they had to express their opinion.

The state is weakened.

The French state is weakened. In the 1780 - century, it was disaster, the state tried to collect taxes from everyone including the nobility and the church. The nobility refused so the state had to withdraw the decision. In 1788, the government called for parliament, for the first time in 175 years. But parliament was in May and the papers went out in the fall and at the fall of the dt mighty poor harvest so in May was the entire population of hungry and unhappy.

National Assembly.

When Parliament called wanted the Third Estate have 600 members instead of 300 the others and since the nobility and the church always went together where they together also 600 members. Why could not the Third Estate did not win, so they formed their own parliament, the National Assembly. Writers like Voltaire and Rousseau had written about the Third Estate, and they were also a part of the church and the nobility, and therefore supported the 25% of the church and a full 50% of nobility National Assembly and joined. This made it the third estate had more power.

The king and Drott No.

The king was quite popular, but his queen Marie Antoinette who was from Austria did the people do not. During the Revolution, the King of Versailles seedless Paris and Paris started the rumors going about that the king and Drott No disliked the revolution, it made the Parisians became angry again. In October will be a women's demonstration to a protest march to Versailles, and 20 000 people gathered without the castle. Some broke in and killed several guards and the people forced the king, the royal family and his unarmed bodyguard went to Paris. This scared even the National Assembly for they knew them poor could turn in against anyone helts. The king and queen were then on the run and in Varennes, outside Paris, found them, and then arrested them and brought back to Paris.

Meanwhile, the king was imprisoned as austria their chance, they attacked France and the weak troops from France had to withdraw, and revolutionaries from rural pulled into Paris. When the National Assembly deposed the king and several revolutionary armies were formed to protect their country and of Valmy 15 mil from Paris turned the war luck, and they managed to stop the strikers and the revolution gained new strength.

Reign of Terror.

After the king aside came Revolutionary Georges Jacques Danton that France would be larger and would therefore young men called up for military service to become soldiers, they were poorly trained and therefore lost France blow after blow, farmers were upset that the government took their sons from them , the government felt pressured and took a hard line, all those who were to be executed, the Queen was one of the 35 000 who were executed. Skräckväldes leader Jean Paul Narat, George Jacques Danton and Maximilian Robespierre, all three were well educated and smart. All three were executed or murdered, and in 1794 was the fear out when they were all dead.


In 1995, workers lost their voting rights as they fought so hard seed, they became angry and formed new riots on the streets of Paris, but this ti met judgment of canons and afterward lay dead and wounded people still in the streets, soldiers with guns ruled by Napoleon Bonaparte .
During this time the country was ruled five directors and in 1799 they would be after three consuls, Napoleon Napoleon's coronation.
considered himself First Consul, and when a member of parliament protested they got Napoleon's troops on itself, causing them to go with him as First Consul
The revolution was over.

War and destruction.

In 1804 the Pope crowned Napoleon Emperor and all the shouting on the streets long live the emperor! In 1810 ruled France over nearly all of Europe, but the English could not they turn, not at sea, and in 1812 he made a mistake, he took over Moscow in Russia and believed that Russians would ask for peace, but no, this winter saw Napoleon His troops were forced to pull back to Europe to survive the cold winter, his armies almost died in the cold while they were persecuted by the Russians. In 1813 at the Leipzig defeated his armies of British, German, Austrian and Russian communities that were against him, he assembled a new army but eventually in 1815 in Waterloo, he was defeated and taken to a lonely island in the Atlantic, never to be challenge the rest of Europe.

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