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Gabriele Capone

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Gabriele Capone was one of the 43,000 Italians who came to the US in 1894. He was a barber who were both illiterate. He came from the village of Castell Mare di Stabia, sixteen mil south of Naples.
Gabriele who was thirteen years old, taking with him his pregnant twenty-seven year-old wife Theresa, his two year old son Vincenzo and his illegitimate son Raffaele. Unlike other Italian immigrants Gabriele so do not owe anyone money for the trip to the US He had intended to take any job and work until he had the money to open his own barberarbutik.Tillsammans with several thousand Italian immigrants Capone family moved to Brooklyn, to an apartment near the port. The apartment had no indoor toilet or proper fittings.
The area they had come to was classified as a slum.

Garriele's ability to read and write, gave him a job in a grocery store until he could open his own barberarbutik. Teresia who were busy raising two brothers growing sewed paintings that she saved on.
Her third child, Salvatore was born in 1895. Her fourth son was born on January 17, 1899th
His name was Alphonse.

The family Capone was not a violent family, but a quiet and peaceful family and his father used to preach and take care of the children as much as Teresia did. The children had not experienced any traumatic experience that led them into a life of crime and the family was not crazy in any way.

The home of the accused children with their Italian name, but out on the street made them American names instead, Vincenzo became James, Raffaele was Ralph, Salvatore became Frank and Alphonse became Al.

Shortly after Al was born to Gabriele moved his family to a better apartment above his barberarbutik on Park Avenue in Brooklyn (not in Manhattan). This move affected Als culture in these areas they lived the Irish, Germans, Swedes and chineser. It is quite certain that this would help him in his future criminal empire.

At age seven in 1904, he went to school at "Adams street" but the education of Italian immigrants was inadequate school system did very little to encourage immigrants to educate themselves further, while parents want their children to drop out of school as soon as they are old enough to work.
One person describes the school as follows in an interview: "The school did nothing to help migrant children with education and teachers, who were mostly women, the very young and raised by nuns they were about sixteen years old, and the students were just a few years younger than the teacher. It was also common with fights between teachers and students. "

Al was quite good at school, he had a solid B in all subjects but when he was fourteen he dropped patience against a teacher who had beaten him and fought back, he was then turned off and never went more to school.
Meanwhile, the family moved back to the "21 Garfield Place," and this would have a major influence on his future, here he met his wife Mae and the gangster Johnny Torrio.
A couple of blocks away from Capone's house "Garfield Place" was the most successful gangster on the East Coast Johnny Torrio's headquarters. He was a new kind of gangster modernize and develop the technology to make money. Torrio learned a young Capone a lot of things that would be overdeliga and stand as the basis for the empire he came to control in the future.
Torrio was physically small, he had learned as a young man to the street can often brain gain over the muscles and form alliances that could save you when you were in trouble. He was a person who appeared as a gentleman and was almost invisible as a man who runs the whorehouse and brothels. He was also an idol for many boys in town. Capone, like many others in the district earned pocket money by running errands for Torrio. After a while it started Torrio trust Capone and gave him more to do and in the meantime learned Al by looking at the rich respected Torrio and his men. But in 1909 moved to Chicago Torrio and Al fell in the second influences.

Children who grew up in immigrant-rich Brooklyn were mostly in gang-Italian gangs, gangs of Jewish and Irish gangs. They were not like today's violent bunch, but they sought adventure and just hung out with each other.
Capone was a tough messy guy who belonged to the "South Brooklyn Rippers" and later "the Fourty Thieves Juniors" and "the Five Point Juniors".
Get slum schools had gyms, playgrounds or other activities that the kids could do after school. Instead shaped the young people their own street world where they were independent of the adult world they smoked, drank, had fun, played poker and fighting with rival gangs.
Nothing except Al's relationship with Torrio indicated that he would choose a life in the underworld. He did what he had to do, went to work to help support the family finances and to take care of their siblings.
He worked almost six years in a factory and later as paper cutters.
Now he was a "good" boy who worked and helped at home.
But Al came in contact with Francis Yale who was both feared and respected, and unlike Torrio as used Yale violence to build their empire.
Francis opened a bar on "Coney Island" which was called "the Harvard Inn" and on a recommendation by Torrio hired Yale eighteen-year-old Al Capone as a bartender, bouncer and if it was needed as a waiter. The first years were Capone popular both among customers and among staff even at Francis. But one day when Al served a young couple so he said to the girl that she had a delicious ass and then he was stabbed by his angry brother, and where he received three large scars on his face and his nickname "Scarface". When Francis Yale found out about this, he forced Al to apologize and for this he learned to curb his temper.
Yale took Al under his "wing" and taught him in the tactics brutality and within the business sector.
Yale was a rich and violent man who was doing much with racketeering and worked as a loan shark, because he needed a whole harem of torpedoes not only broke the arms and skulls, but that could also be dead. Yale contributed much influence on al's future.

Another who had a great influence on the future was a beautiful Irish girl named Mae Coughlin, who was two years older than Capone. She came from a middle-class family quickly accepted that she married an Italian.

Albert Francis Capone was born December 4, 1918. His godfather was Johnny Torrio.
Sonny as he arrived at called seemed healthy at birth were found to have syphilis. Years later told Al for the doctors that he had had syphilis before he married, but he thought it was gone.
With a wife and children to support so loaded Al on a legal career, he ended up working for Francis Yale and moved to Blatimore and started working as an accountant at a construction company.
It went very well for Al, he was smart and had good care of numbers and was very reliable. But Al went into another phase of his life when his father died November 14, 1920 at fifty-five years of age. It was seen as the end of Al Capone's legitimate career.
He resumed contact with Johnny Torrio who had greatly expanded and seen the possibilities in Chicago brothels, illegal gambling and liquor smuggling. Al agreed to help Torrio with his knowledge of the business and his experience with the brutal Francis Yale. Al Capone's career had good prospects when it began.

Chicago was the perfect place to start a criminal empire that was a drinking and gambling city that could be purchased by anyone with enough money. There was also a brutal town who slaughtered millions of cows, goats, sheep and horses but waded in blood in large slaughterhouses. When Al Capone came to Chicago in 1920 began the meat industry become an organized source of income. And over his head was "Big Jim" Colosimo along with his wife and partner, Victoria Colosimo who was a successful lady. Their common brothels grossed over $ 50,000 a month. While the 'Big Jim' family business expanded so he rented in the discreet Johnny Torrio from Brooklyn's streets to run and expand the company further with his intelligence. It was the best decision he could do for the company for Torrio made it from a family business into an empire without attracting any attention at all. Unlike "Big Jim" drank, played and vowed not Torrio.

On May 11, 1920, executed Francis Yale "Big Jim" in his own nightclub ...

Eventually the police figured out who killed him and arrested him in New York, but the only witness to the murder was a waiter who did not dare to testify against Frankie Yale. While Frankie was trying to escape from prosecution as his failed attempt to take over Colosimo's empire, Torrio managed to push a million now on. He opened thousands of "department store", gambling dens and brothels. It was for this empire Torrio brought twenty-two-year-old Al Capone.
After a while it became Al, Torrio's partners instead of his employee.
He had to take over "the Four Deucec" which was a brothel, gambling den and meeting place for criminals all in one. Later, also his brother Ralph to help him in Torrio's empire.
During this time, Al came in contact with a man who would be his friend for life, Jack Guzik. Jack's family were orthodox jew earned their living through prostitution.
Jack took care of Al as a younger brother.
Once again showing Al his ability to make friends and alliances outside the Italian community, it came to be invaluable for his fate.
Al began to make good money now so he bought a house for his wife, children and mother in the "7244 Prairie Avenue".

Torrio and Capone decided to move the business a bit outside of town to a suburb called Cicero where they could buy all the city's men and the police then could they control the city as they wanted.
A short time after they had beaten up the first brothel in Cicero, Torrio so moved with his mother back to Italy to stay there for some time. He gave the responsibility of Cicero to Capone and he wanted to take full control of the entire town.
He put his brother Frank Capone in city government and Ralph was tasked to open brothels across Cicero. He also took control of the horse racing track. Capone meeting no resistance in his takeover of Cicero out of a journalist who exposed förmycket in his articles about Capone ran for mayor and his opinions.
Election day was not a pretty sight, Capone's men kidnapped the other participants and threatened voters with violence. When this reached Chicago as Chief of Police gathered together seventy nine cops and provided them with shotguns and wearing civilian clothes, then drove them in a convoy of unmarked cars to Cicero and simultaneously came Frank Capone walking down the street and met police convoy. Someone recognized him and in seconds was Frank's body punctured from head to toe.
Al took out their anger by stealing the safe boxes and murdering a politician.
When it all was over, Al won the battle of Cicero, but at a price that would haunt him throughout life.
Capone gave his brother a grand funeral with only the flowers cost $ 20,000. He had also fixed so that the same police officers who shot him was at the funeral. Some time later started the Al a full-scale war on the police.
Capone kept quiet for about five weeks, but then so assaulted a small crook of his best friend Jack Guzik. Al Capone executed him personally in a bar.

William H. McSwiggid, who was also called "the hanging prosecutor," decided to take Capone, but the law changed eyewitnesses its witness goals and Capone went free, but the attention he received was that he was not as anonymous as he and Torrio was before when no one knew who pulled the laces. He received many rivals and law men after him and he was very aware that the next bunch burial could very well be his. But he was best known as a rich man who ruled over an entire city.
The peace that Torrio had built up was long past, gang murders had become an epidemic in the city. Capone had often blamed for the murders, but it was igentligen other gangs that Torrio had kept in check before one of the leaders was O'Bannion. He was known for making GIVE OVER AGAIN things to shoot down a man before a large crowd. He even tricked Torrio to buy a brewery that put Torrio in prison, was already Dion's fate unclear.

Mike Merlo who was a great leader of an organization that protected the gangsters died of cancer. At his funeral, took care of the flowers that Dion was not a small business like.
Francis Yale Torrio and Capone had agreed to let Angelo Genna take over the Chicago industry, as Dion had humiliated by cheating him out of money.
Two days after Marlo's death was Dion in her flower shop and arranged the flowers for the funeral, then came three gangsters into the store. It echoed six shots then bathed Dion in his own blood. The police got hold of two of the gangsters, but it was unclear whether the third was Francis Yale or Marlo's son, none of them received any punishment.
Dion's funeral was a victory for the Torrio and Capone for now, could they help themselves to his excellent racketeering.
But while the police could not figure out who was responsible for the murder knew ion's best friend Hymie Weiss exactly who it was and chased Torrio and Capone quite a long time.
Torrio was so concerned for his life, so he decided to leave Chicago and go to the hot springs in Arkansas. Al just vistog extra precautions, as required stencil never go anywhere without at least two bodyguards. The next two years trying old colleagues of Dion assassinate Capone a dozen times.

In January 1925 Torrio came back to Chicago after a shopping trip with his wife. He goes behind his wife with the package up the stairs when a car comes driving and someone opens fire and hit him in the neck and chest.
While Torrio was on sick house as Capone took over the business.
He even arranged with the safety of Torrio, which also meant that he slept with him to be sure that nothing happened to him.

Four weeks later schokade Torrio everyone by appearing in court where he was sentenced to nine months in prison for illegally brewing business. He managed to get the sheriff to increase security at the institution so no more avrättnings experiments were repeated.
In prison Torrio decided that he would retire and withdraw from crime he called Al Capone and left everything to him.
Shortly after he took over Torrio's empire was noticeable that power gone to his head, he was a mayor of Chicago's underworld.
He took the opportunity to move its headquarters to a hotel where he rented a luxury suite for $ 1.500 a day. He was now a public figure who appeared everywhere, at the opera, at sporting events and big events.
And almost every day, he sat in the city meeting and was with and took legal decision on the town.
In December 1925, Al took his son to New York to operate him for his chronic ear infection. But he also took the opportunity to agree on a contract with Francis Yale containing that Frankie would store the whiskey that was smuggled from Canada to Al and then transport it through to Chicago using a lot of trucks.
Simultaneously, Al invited to one of Frankie's large Christmas parties.
Though they knew that a rival gang would try to kill them so they do not put in the party, but Capone arranged a little surprise for Lonergan's gangs.

The party had just begun when Lonergan and his gang came in and began to make trouble so did Al a sign and a hell broke loose.
Lonergan and the others he did not even draw their weapons until they were in a large pool of blood on the floor. It was Al's way to show that he's big everywhere.

On 27 April 1926, the attempted "the hanging prosecutor" bind Capone for murder in 1924 so he would go to a gambling den and try to find evidence.
He did Seven's one of Al's enemies, but when his car went isönder so they got up with another of Al's enemies, but instead of going to the den so they went in the tavern round in Cicero and stopped at a bar where Capone sat and ate. When Al found out that his worst enemies had amused himself in his town, he gathered his men outside and shot down all four as soon as they came off the bar.
Capone got automatically blamed for the murders, but as usual when Al is accused of something in their own town so there are no witnesses or evidence.

The police tried to tie him to anything so they did great husransakor on brothels and breweries so Al decided to go away for three months in the summer. He did while three hundred detectives looked for him all over the world, he sat quietly at the home of a childhood in Michigan, he was hiding grew his ego but he would withdraw from the crime so he negotiated with the police about his surrender.

On July 28, 1926, he came back to Chicago to be prosecuted for murder, but no one had enough evidence, so he was again a free man.
Al now did everything to make peace between him and Hymie Weiss. He put up a good proposal with weiss refused.

The next day found Hymie Weiss totally shot to pieces ...
Now people began in Chicago getting tired of reading about murders and gang wars every day in the newspaper. So to increase his popularity among the people so ordered Al a peace conference where gangs meet to tone down the violence on the streets. After that there was no gang-related murders in two months.

But then I found one of Al's closest friends murdered and Al cried in despair.
Then he began seriously thinking about its withdrawal but his big demand for adventure and power stood in the way this time so it was postponed yet again. He was terribly afraid that the next time someone would put a bullet in his skull.

He had now gained a real palace which he called "Palm Island palace".
A little later he went to Miami to rest and sunbathe.
But a problem gnagade in his head all the time, liquor deliveries from New York was hijacked too often, and he thought it was his old partner Francis Yale blew him money so he called his colleagues from Chicago down to Miami to discuss problem.
The first July, Francis Yale brutally assassinated in his car ...
Al Capone had now expanded its headquarters by hiring two full floors on Lexington hotels. In his six rummiga suite had installed secret doors so that Al can quickly flee.

One problem was Bugs Moran who had tried to murder Al's friend and colleague Jack McGurn so early in February, sat Al and Jack down to discuss the assassination of Bugs Moran.
The plan was watertight, Al was in Florida and McGurn had amassed a tight alibi, though it was he who would agree in everything because he was in Chicago and Al were in Florida.
He assembled a team that had experience and was meticulous.
The plan was that a merchant lurks in Bugs men in a department store while McGurn's men waiting outside in stolen police uniforms so that it would look like a search warrant.
When Bugs men came so went the plan into action, torpedoes drove up to the garage in a stolen police car and went inside. The men in there thought it was an ordinary search warrant so they toted rule right up against the road but instead of arresting them that opened the "policemen" fire and ground them down with machine guns. All but one fell dead to the ground and it was Frank gusenberg. Two of the "policemen" bytade into regular clothes and went in front of the "police" so that witnesses would think that they had been arrested. They left the scene of the stolen police car.
The plan went as planned except that Bugs Moran was not among the dead, he had been delayed and seen the police car and stuck there.
As usual, everyone knew that it was Capone who was responsible, but there was no evidence and, in addition, he was in Florida when it happen.
So no one was ever prosecuted for "Valentine's Day Massacre"

But after the president had said, "Have you got this fellow Capone yet I want him in jail !!" so began the search for evidence against Capone again.

Capone was currently unaware of what the forces that had been set in motion against him. He worried nor of "undercover agents".

After Al Capone had been to the cinema one day in May 1929 he was arrested and sentenced to prison for having led an unlicensed weapon in a public place.
While Al was in jail on "The Eastern penetrary" was the power of Ralph Capone, Jack Guzik and Frank Nitti.
But a problem was that Ralph was not near Al's intelligence or experience when it comes to disguise tax cheating and money disappear.
He was a natural prey for a tax agent named Eliot Ness, who bugged the phones and followed all the money everywhere.
Now that Al was in jail got Ness mandated to collect enough evidence against Al to get him convicted for eg tax crimes.

In mid-March 1930 Al was released for good behavior.
Around the same time, the police had put together a list of the enemies of society and on the list was Capone and all his colleagues, including his brother Ralph. And this list was soon published in newspapers, and with it disappeared the Al Capone's chance to be accepted as an ordinary citizen when he retires.

The same month, met a police commission came to the conclusion that they needed one or several "insiders" in Capone's companies.
The clear choice for them was a man named Malone, he was said to be a good actor, to have nerves of steel to play into any background. And was very intelligent.
They also selected a partner to him.
To fit took Malone name Deangelo and the other agent, Graziano. Discontinuing the incredible amount of work into making their backgrounds and small gangsters in New York.

"The angelo" checked in at the Lexington Hotel, he dressed in expensive clothes and stood and hung out at the hotel bar, where he just stood quietly reading the paper until one of Capone's soldiers börjasde talk to him and ask questions about his background. After a long conversation told the soldier that he had to check some things at first but that he would dwell in a few days.
After a few days, he was invited to meet with the Mafia and Al yourself.
"De Angelo" was employed in a gambling den in Cicero.

"De Angelo" the police gave tips that led to Ralph Capone was jailed for tax offenses.
Meanwhile Eliot Ness become incredibly successful in shutting down Al's breweries and documented important information that can be used against Al.

Eliot had confiscated a lot of Capone's trucks so in an attempt to crack the Al Capone mentally arranged Elliot Ness, a parade with all Al's trucks. They drove slowly past Capone's headquarters while he watched. Al became totally enraged and struck the broken furniture and paintings inside the apartment.

Ness had done so Al had lost several hundred thousand dollars and he had to cut down on bribery and other things.

Now there is finally evidence to set Capone and 68st gang members on trial for around 5,000 crimes.
Capone could have 34years in prison but the trial was postponed to 6 October.
Al Capone spent his summer of freedom in his old hideout in Michigan.
During the summer began Capone's men to bribe jurors with lots of money.
But what they did not know about was that it was the prosecutor and the judge found out. So, October 6, 1931 the court the jury came in and sat down when the judge said immediately that the new jury would take place instead, and then started the otherwise calm Al be real worried.
Right time continued throughout the day and late in the evening of 7 October, the jury selected after nine hours of discussing, they found Alphonse Capone guilty of some points but far from all. He was sentenced to eleven years in prison and $ 50,000 in fines.

He was imprisoned first in Atalanta, where he quickly became a famous prisoner, but by smuggling money into the prison, he lived like a king inside the prison. It is said that he smuggled several thousand dollars.
But in August 1934, the end of glidardagarna, he was sent to Alcatraz where he could not get the information or money, there he was like any prisoner whatsoever which frustrated him, he was used to being indisputably superior.

But his health deteriorated rapidly, his syphilis blossomed and had already reached the second stage. In 1938, he was confused and completely in another world. But his sentence had been reduced to six years and five months pg a good behavior and good work. The last year of judgment he spent in the hospital ward at Alcatraz.
Al was released in November in 1939.
His wife Mae took good care of him "Palm Island Palace"

Alphonce "Scarface" Capone died on January 25, 1947 ............

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