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Transgenic Animals

Subject: Biology , Research
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Today the animals with modified genes so-called transgenic animals to much. Most used judgment transgenic animals in the pharmaceutical industry, which use them as experimental animals. Most used mice, but even fruit flies aquarium fish, moths, rabbits, and rats are used. Transgenic animals have no similarity to cloned animals. A cloned animals have received their entire genome is copied, which has given rise to an identical copy of the animal. Transgenic animals have been single genes altered, deleted or replaced. In Sweden, performed experiments with transgenic animals primarily at hospitals and universities but also pharmaceutical companies engaged in research with transgenic animals. What you hope for is that with the help of experiments on transgenic animals must find cures for many serious diseases. Transgenic animals may also be used to produce proteins directly from its milk may Adipose as medicine for humans. Then you can also alter the animal's genes so they can serve as organ donors for humans.

concerns about genetic engineering

Everything has its pros and cons, including gene manipulation. Advantages I can think of genetic engineering are:
You can quickly find cures for severe diseases. Animals can serve as donors for humans. Animals can produce tex. Milk that act as medicine. Cows can also be made larger so you get more meat or milk. The same applies for crops of various types. In this way, the price will be lower for consumers (and higher profits for the agricultural industry.) Disadvantages are that: people are upset, they want apparently for some reason neither have pig hearts transplanted or eat genetically engineered super cows. Therefore, the trend of bioengineered food slowly, consumers simply do not have it. I think it is a habitual thing. In the pharmaceutical industry, it is however faster since they genetically engineered animals used where a more indirect role in the scaffolding process which means that consumers do not react as strongly. But here you are met by opposition from animal rights activists who think it is unnecessary animal testing when it comes to the production of less important products such. Shampoo. And of course they are partly right, although I do not feel any great sympathy for mice and the like.

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