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Genetic engineering

Subject: Biology , Research
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A new "kind" of wheat that has all its good qualities remain, while all those bad aspects and capabilities are eliminated, this variety is called GMO foods. To manipulate a crop, animal, or a human being is quite simple with today's advanced technology. Today you can not just change the genes and species, one can also clone them.
In tomatoes is an enzyme that makes the ripening process shorter.
If this enzyme would be found in small amount, it would mean that a huge wastage would be reduced tremendously. Of the tomatoes available in the store are at least as many cast even before they arrived because they become overripe during transport.
To reduce the amount of enzyme transferred a piece specially engineered DNA into a bacterium, which in turn the gene on to a regular tomatoes. Thus, it has now been developed a genetically modified tomato without its weak qualities.
In pace with the technological development and our growing knowledge of heredity, genes, and DNA molecules have great new opportunities opened up. Man can now modify and create new organisms. We can move genes and identify in detail the organisms' genetic message. We can even produce synthetic DNA.
Genetic engineering can mean happiness, but also the devastation - it is, no one knows yet, then this technology is brand new.
To achieve the ultimate in high-yielding dairy cows and plant species and crops so researchers have made some crosses and selection between species, but never touched their genes. What impact human involvement may have in the long run, we have at present no idea. What happens when man plays God?!
With the mapping of the human genome, we can prevent hereditary diseases from spreading to generation after generation.
GMO foods can save an entire continent from starvation, but thanks to a little research into the effects this has led to several African countries have banned and refused GM food.
The arguments both for and against genetic engineering are many and no experts today agree on what is right or wrong. What happens when things go overboard and dogs lay with eggs and the cows meows and coughing up hairballs ...
The always remaining question is whether we have the right to go about our life, one mistake can cost us human destruction! Is it really right to venture into something we do not know and try to master it? Is not it better to conduct research focused on knowing with minor imminent uncertainties and risks?

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