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Gene therapy

Subject: Biology , Research
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4.1 What is gene therapy?

Gene therapy involves replacing genes to cure disease. It acts like when you cook a motor. It's easiest if you open the hood and find the error. But gene therapy opens not bonnet without using modern equipment like DNA - micrroarray or DNA - tiles that will help researchers find the error. But gene therapy is still in the experimental stage. Gene therapy is one of those hot areas of research according to my source. U.S. and Europe are the leaders in gene therapy.
4.1.1 Who came up with gene therapy?
I could not find any direct creator to gene therapy but there are at least many who are working to get it on the market.

4.1.2 What is the background to that gene therapy arose?

A reason for gene therapy started was because many scientists believe that one can count on the Nobel Prize in medicine then. But humanity gets a giant hope to be able to cure children so they will not have to suffer if they get a disease so that's probably what got it all set up and the first man who was involved in a gene therapy treatment was the bubble boy in 1990, according to my Source.

4.2 How does gene therapy broadly?

To perform gene therapy goes to something like taking a sample of spinal cord and see what it is that the cells can not produce. It will then take a few cells from a healthy person and modifies a virus that must be carriers introducing into the cells of the virus. Then, put the virus and the cells that you bring in will hopefully start producing what was lacking. They spread as usual through that they make an ordinary cell division and about so here's how. It requires a large through crime if they should happen to you do not really know how to go about it after inserting the modified virus in the body. Then the body must approve the cells just like in an operation where you get a new body part. But it is moving forward in 2004 developed the Swedish scientist adenovirus vectors for gene therapy purposes where you inserted the genes to produce proteins that facilitate virus binding to specific tumor cells.
4.2.1 Approximately how many have been cured with the help of gene therapy?
It has helped approximately 600 people worldwide until 1996. According to my source (Good Books, 2000). It's a pretty good start.
4.2.3 Who was the first to be cured by gene therapy?
First over the world to be cured by gene therapy was the bubble boy 1990
4.2.4 What diseases can be cure with the help of gene therapy?
It is believed to be able to cure diseases such as AIDS, cancer, Parkinson's and cardiovascular disease. When you come out of the experimental stage.
4.2.5 Has there been any side effect on those who have gone through gene therapy?
I have not found the facts about this but we must hope that they are doing well.
4.2.6 What is the future for gene therapy when it can be expected to use it in hospitals?
It is hoped that one should have come out the experimental stage in 10 to 15 years so you can offer it as a form of treatment in hospital. But so far scientists do not offer this treatment form if there is no other way because we do not know much about gene therapy and side effects.
4.3 What do the laws on the use of gene therapy in general?
By law, it is prohibited to carry germline gene therapy. But it is not forbidden to perform gene therapy on normal body cells. To examine the human genome using the analysis of gene deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) required special permission if the examination constitutes or forms part of a general health survey. A condition referred to in § 1 may be granted only if the investigation is focused on seeking knowledge about disease conditions that are of a serious nature or otherwise of particular relevance to health care.

5 Analysis

My work on gene therapy has worked well I think. Thanks to my signature I got from Fia. For it was easy to know what to do and in what order. They have been fun to work in a new way and I would gladly do it again. For I have learned so much during this work. It was a little difficult at first but once you get started, it flowed smoothly. Because it was hard to get started because it was my first time to write an essay. I have not been able to answer all my questions but it's because I have not found so very much facts but I think I have answered many and learned a lot on the questions I have received answers to. It was a little disappointing when I could not find more facts about gene therapy than I did. I've thought a lot about gene therapy would penetrate many would probably like to do gene therapy to become healthy but it would probably be very expensive. It could always be a first world war in medicine. Given that many probably would think that all who have diseases that can be cure to. Then it would be like if they do not change, they are not worth as much to live. But all have not the money to pay such a gene therapy treatment because even the poor have diseases. All're not supposed to help to pay a gene therapy treatment that many sheep. I would not house to live in such a world where people are inferior because of an illness. Just because it can not afford or want. It is up to each one to go through this kind of gene therapy treatment. If it likes to be himself might well leave it there only. But for those who do not feel comfortable with yourself, it is a great condition. But the risk is probably that the up coming conflicts over various grants. Given that some may help with different things out of the state might this group also wanting allowances and then maybe some other team to finish all want bigger contribution and it would be a huge chaos. But they are of course a chance that fewer people would be (bullied) because they would not differ in such a way anymore but I think after all that if you have lived with the disease for a long time, it is probably difficult to change their mental way of being. The question is whether we are ready for such a change if it comes, say, ten years, I do not think so, given that we have so long lived in a society where they divided the social classes in a sick class and a non-medical grade. We do it in school too we put students who are struggling in a class by themselves and then they are not as much community with the other students in the regular classroom. It's probably hard to get a society to understand that everyone is of equal worth to God if he created us then there is a reason why we are like we are. But what would happen if a world leader had to go through a gene therapy treatment, it would then have to break the law that says you can not carry germline gene therapy? A political friend would safely say that a good political world leaders is difficult to emulate if it dies. It would probably create panic in a country if we say that a president of an entire country love would die because the law says so. Probably would this President have to exceed the Act in order to continue running the country. But why should they just be exceptions in the case than world leaders. Why not have the same rights on a conservationist would have to go through this kind of treatment. He is just as important for a country that a president is because the environment caregiver takes care of the environment and it is a thing that is worldwide. So one may think of how far one should break laws in such cases. The president may be more noticeable for example in newspapers, but how would it look if all environmentalists died two weeks throughout all the streets were consistent tone with soups. Tomas Holmér an active Christian was asked what Christians think about gene therapy? His response was that Christians think it is fine as long as it is not so that you start pushing down people who choose not to go through a gene therapy treatment of some bark. Because God does not want us to suffer or feel bad. But they want to as I have demonstrated it to break out a first world war in medicine. Given that many who are sick and can afford certainly want to go through a gene therapy treatment. But everybody can not afford and Christians do not want them to be printed down as it was during World War II against homosexuals, the disabled and black. They did no harm. They just wanted to end their suffering and Christians do not want to make it so with gene therapy. Otherwise supports that told them Christian gene therapy on humans just are not violated because of their choice. So if you use it to help people who want help, it is perfectly okay in a Christian sense. After this work, I have taken a position on what I think and I think it is up to each individual to choose whether to go through a gene therapy treatment. But if you start pushing the people with these kinds of treatments, I support it. Because not everyone has the financial environment and society should not be swayed by those economic conditions. There needs to be that you would also like it's supposed to society to decide. Yeah do not believe that one should test this technique on animals such as rats because even animals are living creatures with feelings. Therefore, it is wrong to make animal trials because that animals and humans do not have to react the same on eg different viruses. Why should you put them out for dangerous experiments just because we can not take care of us. Many die because they smoke then why should animals suffer because we want to be able to obtain medications for heart attack to get it by obesity as well so we can eat better than we do. So do not need as many animals suffer. Why you have to let animals suffer because people want to wear makeup? Well just because we humans in general are lazy and we can not change our habits so instead, the animals may suffer. It's not that hard to eat a little healthier, or manage without makeup are actual makeup companies that do not test their products on animals also it can be well used. So I do not think we should test gene therapy on animals the foremost man knows exactly how to make the animals should not have to suffer. It's also not okay to test the orphans because they are of equal worth and should not have to suffer. The orphan can change the whole world if you let it be. It's just not okay to test on living beings. Would you stop buying cute things would not be as many to be overweight as it is now. So it would not be as numerous as had heart attacks. It's like we've created the diseases then why should animals have to suffer. It should not be so.

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  1. Fia Alander on May 17, 2010 at 7:15 pm #

    I have a question regarding gene therapy.
    Is it possible that using gene therapy have a different skin color?

    The reason I ask is because it has long been a disskussion between me and my brother on one of the bad guys in one of the James Bond films - "Die another day" - undergoing gene therapy, and in this way a different skin color.

  2. Ibrahim on February 9, 2011 at 10:30 pm #

    Good essay, helped me sick a lot.

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