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Go Ask Alice

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The book, Go Ask Alice is based on a real Diary of a fifteen year old girl.Her diary was about her use of drugs and how she tried so hard with her help of her famliy and friends to Overcome her addiction. She successed in Doing That, but a couple of weeks after, she was found died in her house.No one knew how she died, but That She was one of the thou sands of drug deaths That year.
Alice Talked about how live as a teenager baddict was like. There was one event That Alice ran away from home, for a couple of months Because she was scared about what her family Judgement would havebeen towards her. While she was away, she Decided to return and start a clean cut life. She was devoting herself to stay away from drugs and The People That She knew that used it.
I thought it was real courageous of Alice to have tryed to start her life over in a new positive way. The way she Realized what she had to do with her life was real smart of her. I think others would not probably have thought Their was hope for them. I personally think That if I was to havebeen a teenage drug addict as Alice was, I would not have thought I could have come to the decision of trying to renew my life.
Alice went through so much trying to stay off drugs That it nearly killed her. In one incident, Alice was once babysitting for a neighbor as a favor. While Alice was over there she ate some candies, That someone had poisoned with a drug called, acid. She did not know about this. She was then hospitalized into a Mental Hospital Because the drug gave her The effect of seeing illusions and her parents thought That she was going insane. She then went home trying to live again a clean cut life. Apparently a few weeks later, she was found dead.
When I read about this, all I could think about was, why would anyone want to start using drugs in the first place to try to solve Their problems. But I guess everyone trys to find a way to make life Easier for themeselves. But I thought it was real terrible the way Alice died.No one knew how, but everyone knew how she tryed to renew her life ended at the age sixteen without her even having a chance of trying.
The first time I read this book was around three years ago. It was recommended to me by a friend. I liked this book for the reason it made me think twice of ever wanting to try drugs and her diary was so very inspiring.

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