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Go Ask Alice

Subject: English , Reviews
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The title of the book I read is Go Ask Alice.
The author is anonymous, the Sami girl who right this diary about her own life.
The type of literature is a real horrible novel / diary. It's something who really Happened in life! It's not a lot of descriptions into Certain Events. Alice is a fifteen-year-old teenage. She live together whit whit her parents and her sister Alexandria and her brother Tim. She speed a grandpa and a grandma. She loves her family a lot. But she thinks That parents are Difficult, her mother is the most beside her. She always tells Alice to do the right thinks.
They live in America in a house. After a few days They moved to another city Because her father speed been invited to Become the Dean of Political Science. Her grandparent did not want to move whit Them so They stayed there.
Alice liked the new city and her new house but she did not like her new school so much, it was ok by the way.
School was over, Alice leaved to her grandparent for the whole summer.
There she started to take drugs at a friends' party, she Continued whit it and was now dependent at it.
When Alice came back home and school started again, she had got a problem so she had to move to San Francisco whit Chris her friend. After few month she was back home.
One day she found her self in a mental hospital Because Of Drugs.
Alice died three weeks after her Decision not to keep another diary. Her parents came home from a movie and found her dead. They called the police and the hospital but there was nothing anyone could do.

The character I remember best is Alice. She was the one whit more detail.
She's fifteen-year-old, blonde, serious, unselfish, uncertain, Shy girl, ignorant and always tries to be positive in her life.

The setting is realistic and important for the story. It's not good to read a story without settings Because it Could be boring, it's more exiting whit it.

The best episode I remember best ice When Alice is righting about her feelings. She explain That she try to be nice for her and for her family. She Does not want to remember her horrible and disgusting past. Alice wants to live a new life without drugs, without trouble and to leave her home.

I liked the book a lot. I have learned a lot of bad and good things. This book can not teach every body in this world that's gone off whit Those bad things.
I have read Other books of the Saami type but not by the Sámi author.
I disliked When Alice start to take drugs and When her grandparent died, its make me feel mad and guilty. But I liked When She was happy and lived good time whit her family and friends.
After reading this book my own mood was that i feel sorry For those girls and boy's lie with star whit drugs. Those people can not die or be very sick, but the most die of it. It's impossible to live whit drugs. My Hope For those people that They have to think before They do something wrong.
I recommend this book to all readers.

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