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Hakan Hellstrom

Subject: Biographies
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Nearly five years have passed since Hakan exploded into Swedish music history with the song Shed No Tears for me Gothenburg. Young and old let his pop songs go straight into their hearts. That one guy from nowhere could bring such views through their songs were absolutely incredible. Hakan was really something special. On April 2, 1974 was born Hakan. He grew up in the great city of Gothenburg, which he will always hold dear.

At the age of ten had Håkan a drum kit from his parents, then took the dreams momentum to form a band and be a rock star. In high school it happened, Hakan and his friends formed the band Broder Daniel. They played to get confirmation from the highbrow types of school, some social respect and obviously to get girls. Hakan quit the band a few weeks before Broder Daniel got a record deal, which really was a "gaffe" for Håkan. He began instead to play Honey is Cool to suppress their anxiety, but a few years later he was back in the Broder Daniel.

Hakan has been writing songs since he was 17 years and through the feel of the songs, which include love and sorrow are equally serious, he gets front heated opinions and spreads such joie de vivre. He always manages to find a balance between fantasy and reality. Something like a dream, it feels so real but it's just imagination. His songs took the record company by storm and they gave him his own record deal. Rather than continuing to participate in Broder Daniel, he bet on his solo career.

Hakan that person has never fascinated and influenced me in particular, and on reflection, he has neither a wonderful singing voice and charisma. What I think people get caught for his different style to play their music and that he really convinces everyone that he sings songs from the heart. However, his songs got me captivated. He makes the songs so vivid and dramatic, they just explodes when he sings. Each song has its own story, its own feel and sound. The more times you sing Håkans texts, word for word, do finally make it feel like one's own.
Hakan sings about things that happened in his life, everyday things. Problems that are around us all the time, love, sadness, happiness, joy and tragedy. He says that he has been difficult to put into other people's situations and problems of others, because he chooses to sing about their own problems and all that he experienced. Håkan's first song "Feel no sorrow for me Göteborg," is that he wants to get away from the city, away from the gray everyday boredom where nothing ever happens.
In the song "Magic, but tragically" he sings something I really recognize myself in. He sings: "Everyone dreams of birds including you, including me. Suddenly the man well over a tram. For vasastan is like Chinatown. "He believes that all obviously want to be free and able to do what they want even if it's hard to admit to himself sometimes. But when you least expect it, it is something that runs over one and unravels everything you repressed. For the small is really huge.
Hakan's songs are not flawless, in some songs he has simply stolen the sentences of some of their models, Morrissey, Evert Taube and The Smiths. Hakan explains it by saying that there are sentences that meant a lot to him. An example is here:
Hakan - "Uppsnärjd i det blå" - One day I will and you really get old. But I love you now.
Morrissey - "Disappointed" - Young Girl One Day We Will Be Really old. But the thing is I love you now.

Hakan's strongest symbol is probably the white sailor suit he usually wears on his concerts. The suit comes from one of his primary role models, Lasse Dahlqvist. Lasse Dahlqvist was a minstrels and he wrote all his music at sea. Hakan is incredibly inspired by his music, but is also a distant relative of him.

Hakan's image is to be yourself. Being a person who is just like any other and that is no different from any other in the slightest. There, through know many recognize himself in the chin. He says himself that he's still the same loser when he was 17 years old. That he has not succeeded in changing at all. The song "We two, 17" is just about that.
Which target market and audience Hakan turn to, I think is very diverse. Those affected by the songs and takes for himself, may be any human being. Some people just Hakan is a silly middle-aged guy who should grow up. But there are those who do not see his charming light-hearted way to play their way through life.
When you stand there and watch him sing on stage, it looks really, that he loves what he does. The charisma and enthusiasm he has can not be compared with anyone else. You see the people around him, stand and sing along to the songs. Everyone wants their share of Hakan.
I think Hakan is an incredible solo. He will never be a "tabloid king" like all the newspapers just love, Håkan is common. He is just like any other. He is one of us ordinary people with ordinary concerns. He is Hakan.

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