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Håkan Nesser: Kim Novak Never Swam in the Lake of Gennesaret

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It is written in the form I and is about the narrator Erik and people in his presence.
It's summer holidays and Erik, his brother and Erik's friend Edmund should stay at their country place in Genesaret during the summer. Meanwhile, as the story unfolds in Genesaret doing so also other things like Erik's mother is in the hospital. At the beginning of the holidays, everything is fine and dandy, but after a few weeks in which a murder on their parking, and the story continues to be about this murder. The book is set in the early 1960s in the then typical Stockholm Environment. Genesaret, which is their country residence, is a quiet place there are some neighbors but otherwise you have to use the boat if you want somewhere. Environment nimble Genesaret described with some small details and then, it is quite nice so you do not have everything in one sentence. Environmental depiction is not so very important in comparison with the rest of the content, for the eco-narrative comes with the imagination of itself.
"As if she were an angel or painted with of those luminous paint which Lek - Jonsson used to apply to the snowmen in the shop window at the Christmas decorations in December."
There is not much Håkan Nesser "gives" us, but to suffice.


Erik, who is the "I" in the book, is well a kind of protagonist, he is 14 years old when the story begins, you never really have any idea of ​​what he looks like, but he was well that most fourteen year old guys were. He has, as I think many have noticed, many intelligent sentences, the most he has taken from others. As regards thoughts and opinions, it is difficult to point out something that is much he ponders, he does have a word sequence as he usually draw when there is something bad: Cancer - Treblinka - love - fuck - Death, the story adds He also Edmunds real dad, but he will take him away.
Erik's mother, who I do not remember the name, is in the hospital throughout the story so she knows little about except that she is there for cancer. She dies at the end of the summer.
His father stays home from Genesaret to was with his wife, he is a coward when it comes to running the bill but to get out later that he finally overtook a car on the day of Henry's release. Henry, it's Eric's brother, he is with the Genesaret all summer. He is eight years older and has a car he calls "killer", he gets along with Berra Kaludis wife Ewa, Ewa is a substitute for in Erik's school. Henry smokes Lucky and writing a book.
Edmund Eric's friend comes out to Genesaret during the summer holidays, he has glasses and had twelve toes when he was born but he surgically removed the superfluous two networks he was six. His dad had problems and used to beat him, but parents are now divorced and the mother, who incidentally are drunk, have a new man who is kind to Edmund. He is otherwise a bit of Erik, a tank spreader kid.
You meet another man, Inspector Lindstrom, who investigates the murder of Berra Albertsson. "Lindström took up a pipe Bronzol from his inside pocket and shook out two lozenges. Considering them a few seconds in hand before he threw them in the mouth with a balanced movement. "This is taken from the first of two interviews with Erik Lindstrom's Bronzolrör comb to get a bit of a sign for him.

The book's message

The author has provided no direct message, but this book is only a good book about the summer of 1960 for two fourteen year old boys.

The language

Because the novel is written -98 so there are not very rare / difficult words, but it contains quite a lot of slang and some profanity. There are a dozen or so saying that it is possible to sit down and talk about.
"Will time will afford."

Personal opinion

Kim Novak Never Swam in the Lake of Gennesaret, it is much more than a book, it's something that only you can only describe to yourself. If I could choose a small part out of the book so it would probably be when Erik and Edmund crept up during the night to check on Henry and Ewa a late summer evening.
"He had begun to breathe with his mouth open and his right hand went around like a piston down in the pajama pants. I took a deep breath and started to do the same. Afterwards, we sneaked away. Without a word we went over the dewy grass down to the lake. Rocked out on the pontoon bridge and popped in as quietly as we could, so that it would not be heard above the house. With pajama pants and everything. "

I think the book is very good.

based on 6 ratings Håkan Nesser: Kim Novak Never Swam in the Lake of Gennesaret, 3.6 out of 5 based on 6 ratings
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