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Håkan Nesser.

Subject: Biographies
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Håkan Nesser was born in 1950 in Kumla, center of Orebro. But now living in Uppsala and has two children. As a young man he was very interested in football and basketball, and played himself in quite a high level until he was 25 years old. His father was a farmer and his mother a clerk. He started school when he was 6 years, and has since 1974 worked as a secondary school teacher. He has done until 4 years ago when he took a leave of absence to write full time.


His first book came out in 1988, choreographer but sold only 350 copies, and in 1994 he was awarded the Swedish Crime Academy Award for Best Crime Novel, Borkmann's Point. In 2000 he was also awarded a prize; Nordic crime rate Glass Key Novel Carom.

Van Veeteren

He has been highly acclaimed in the 90s for his crime novels about Inspector Van Veeteren. These books set in Maardam, a fictitious country in Northern Europe, where the commissar solve unsolved murders. Van Veeteren is a very human police. According to him, why the hurry committed at least as important as how? and who? He has written nine books in Van Veeteren series and is planning a 10th. The first book about Van Veeteren came out in 1993 and named "The coarse mesh." The book is about a lecturer in philosophy and history as a morning wake up, extremely hungover, and finds his wife drowned in the bathtub. He can not remember that he killed her, but the indications are that this is the case. He will also be arrested and convicted of murder, but found himself for a time murdered in prison. Police then realizes his mistake and starts searching for the real killer. Most of the books in Van Veeteren series is translated into German, Norwegian, Danish, Finnish, Estonian and Lithuanian. Some of the books have also been filmed for television with Sven Wolter Van Veeteren.

If crime novels

Håkan Nesser think that the crime novel is a good genre purely narrative. Here are some quotes he himself has said:
- You can not cheat, but has a contract with the reader. Crime novel also manages all good epic storytelling tradition. In the crime novel can realistically portray all
existential questions.
- Death has that effect, it's like lifting a lid, all bubbling up. Social criticism,
psychology ...
- In contact with death reflects people about important issues in life. We see our lives more clearly at death's mirror.
- I often use in my books from the scheme. It's usually about a man who had been
offended and starts to take action to obtain redress. Revenge is my main theme. I want to deep dive into the inner man to understand why crime occurs.

Håkan Nesser believe that evil is host to depict and penetrate:
- Unfortunately, there is much to draw from, but no one can write 70 good detective story. Therefore, says Håkan Nesser, he intends to put the point when the tenth book of Commissioner Van Veeteren is written.

Other Books

The books he has written that are not included in Van Veeteren series is "Barins Triangle," "Kim Novak Never Swam in the Sea of ​​Galilee," "The Fly and eternity" and "and Piccadilly Circus is not in Kumla"

Kim Novak Never Swam in the Sea of ​​Galilee

Håkan Nesser has received considerable attention for "Kim Novak Never Swam in the Sea of ​​Galilee" which is a stand-alone book. It is the only book I've read by Nesser but also the best book I've read. It is about Eric, aged 14, and his friend Edmund to stay over the summer along with Eric's 22 year old brother Henry in their summer cottage. The cottage is called "Genesaret" and is on Lake Mockeln Orebro. The book unfolds the most part in the early 60's when Eric's mother is dying of cancer and the father trying to keep house and keep up appearances. Henry tries to keep a secret relationship with Erik's teacher inside temp Ewa Kaludis. Which is actually linked to the area's best handball players "Kanon-Berra." It is said that he pushes so hard that the goalkeeper will die if he manages to take the ball.
At the cottage they Badar, reading adventure books, rowing to the store and pretend that they are in the Amazon imellanåt. One day breaks the total freedom and "terrible" happens, Kanon-Berra found murdered outside Genesaret, beaten in the head with something blunt object. Who is guilty? You know Erik? One thing is certain, he will never forget that summer at the Sea of ​​Galilee.
The end of the book is about the murder, seen from the adult Erik's perspective. Nothing gets the reader to know, not until the last few lines ...
This is a story smårolig while gravity constantly feels close.
Kim Novak Never Swam in the Sea of ​​Galilee has been a huge success as soon have been read by every literate Swedish. Håkan Nesser will itself, in 2008 tell how the igentigen ends ...

His latest book, "and Piccadilly Circus is not in Kumla" unfolds in much the same place as "Kim Novak Never Swam in the Sea of ​​Galilee." But a few years later. Here also performed a murder and the protagonist gets the idea that it might be the same killer who murdered "Kanon-Berra," a few years earlier.

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