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Subject: Physics
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Meltdown is a kind of accident which means that the radioactive core of a nuclear reactor overheats its own generated such high heat that it melts. Depending on the type of reactor can be caused by reminding or more devastating. Many nuclear power plants are built to withstand the meltdown with low impact on the environment. The risk of serious meltdown is very little about the nuclear power plants at constructed and managed properly seen. At Three Mile Island accident in 1979 where the small impact on the environment. The Chernobyl accident in 1986 where every disaster because they were improperly cared for by the staff.

Every day dies, repaired and renewed billions of cells in our body. But if it dies too many cells so that the body does not have time to recover and make new cells, it becomes dangerous. When something like that happens, the body has been exposed to too high a dose of radiation. That is, the radiation is thousand times higher than the normal amount of radiation. Depending on how much radiation you get in itself can take measurements of acute radiation which is on three levels. At the first level damage production in judgment RBCs - man dies after two or three weeks. At the second level begins with the small intestine stops working - you die pretty quickly after that to get all the nutrients from the small intestine. At the third level to turn all central nervous system out and they die quickly.

When radioactive waste released into the environment, we can not do anything to waste to disappear from the environment, radioactive waste disappears by itself and after 10, 000 years is not apostate be harmful to the environment, animals or humans

The water-soluble substances are those that are easiest to resolve. After that almost everything on earth is made of water, water soluble substances spread through all that has water in itself, it also spread through rivers, ponds, lakes, even in the ocean.

The fat-soluble substances are a little more difficult to dissolve after as needed grease for it to do damage. The fat-soluble substances are distributed ex. a little flower has been the subject on itself, then comes a little mouse that eats the flower, the mouse becomes a little infected by the dangerous substance but then, a large bird of prey and eat the little mouse and a large bird of prey, many mice to be measured so it gets a lot out of the hazardous substance in the body. Then dying raptor and a wolf eats the phage. Yes to spread the fat-soluble substances.

Although the analysis shows that there is minimal risk that Sweden will have a nuclear accident can never be completely sure that it will be so. Swedish Radiation Protection Institute [SSI] contributes in turn to calculate and measure how and where radioactivity can spread and how to protect themselves against a discharge. SKI's data is about the same except the lance in an accident. Chernobyl disaster proved that the consequences of a nuclear accident except lance can have effects in other countries far from the accident site. SSI here in Sweden has signed an agreement with several neighboring countries.

To prevent nuclear materials falling into the wrong hands and used for eg nuclear weapons as recorded and reported all core subjects to SKI (State Nuclear Power Inspectorate). All transportation of nuclear materials shall be authorized and reported to you to know where it is.

To prevent radiation and radioactive substances leaking, there are barriers in nuclear power plants to prevent leakage even at accident SKI is required to always maintain readiness for a possible accident and the front desk is an officer in charge of decision-makers who make decisions in emergency security issues. If an accident should occur to languish should as soon as possible take measures to clean up. When sanitizes in a location with city - or suburban character so it spools of roofs, walls and open areas of asphalt. It will also cut lawns, trees and shrubs as well as using street cleaner.

Alexandra Mikkola

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