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Hare Krishna

Topic: Religion
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In 1966 Indian started Sirla Prabhuda sect Hare Krishna which is a form of Hinduism. A feature of the Hare Krishna is that they are dressed in orange clothing: men go dressed in shirt and long skirt and the women in long dresses, they have shaven heads except for a small tuft on the back of the head called sikha. They rosary with 108 beads on and they go around with small drums and the singing Hare Krishna mantra which reads extremely monotonous: "Hare Krishna, Hare Rama, Hare Krishna, Hare Hare," a time for every ball and makes a total of 16 laps of the Rosary, which is a total of 1728 times per day!
Hare Krishna Hare Rama is two Indian gods and members of the Hare Krishna states that Krishna and Christ are the same person.
They also claim that their doctrine is the truth behind the Bible and that the Bible is only the distorted truth. Moreover, it is the Hare Krishna known as one of the most dangerous sects in the world because it is exposed to brainwashing and lose the ability to think for yourself.
If one goes by the sect so will take a total distance from the rest of the world, no communication with the outside world is allowed, it must also obey a direct order of the powerful leader without thinking for yourself! In the Krishna movement is the woman subordinate to and obey the man at all times.
Most of the Hare Krishna lives in the temple just as the nuns and monks.
In their temples are regulative principles: no sex without intending to father a child, no meat, fish or äggätande nor onions or garlic. Intoxicants of all kinds such as: coffee, tea, cigarettes are totally prohibited, and gambling is not permitted.
It must also always be clean, cleanliness is as important for Hare Krishna Godliness. To achieve this cleanliness showers most twice per day. But those who live in temples showers three times to maintain the highest standard of cleanliness. After they showered underscores the wearing a special clay from a holy river in the forehead and even on the twelve other parts of the body while they pronounce various names of Vishnu. These auspicious marks is said to protect the body and is a sign that the carrier is committed to God.
But there are also devotees who do not live in temples. The only men work, because women are not allowed to work to support themselves and their family but still donates half his salary to the temple as a kind of gift. Several families can gather and live in a collective farms where they grow plants and vegetables. Children born in the Krishna movement must learn to worship the Lord and become a devoted and go in a Krishna conscious school. When they grew up, they may choose to stay in the temple or get married and have children.
The devotee's day starts already half past four in the morning. Shortly there after held the first temple ceremony. During the sacrificed food, flowers and incense to the Lord, while they sing different mantras and songs.
Hare Krishna became known in the Western world with the help of artists: The Beatles, Ravi Shankar, George Harrison.

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