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Heinrich Himmler

Topic: Biographies
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Himmler was a German Nazi politician. He was born in 1900 and died
like Hitler and Mussolini in 1945 when World War II ended.
Ideologically, he was rasfanatiker. He had no real
leadership and was easily influenced by powerful rulers. Unlike Hitler and Mussolini, he is not as well known. But he
also had a significant role in Nazism. He joined the
right-wing extremist groups and became in 1925 a member of the Nazi party. IN
At first he was just the leader of the then insignificant organization SS.
He turned this from particulates to a hard disciplined
elite force. When the Nazi seizure of power in 1933 increased his
power, influence, and he became head of the Gestapo, the secret political

It was now that Himmler had set up the first concentration camp
for political prisoners. He was, as I said rasfanatiker and had largely
of the Nazi terror, the Holocaust and the brutal
movement of people.

He had great political influence during World War II. He
was responsible for the internal security of the entire German-occupied

In 1943 he became Home Secretary. He began to conduct secret
negotiations with eg Folke Bernadotte of a separate peace with
Western powers. It meant, however, unconditional surrender, and when
Hitler learned of the attempts he gave Himmler fired. He was arrested by
British troops but avoided trial by suicide
with a poison capsule hidden in a tooth.

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