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Henning Mankell: Faceless Killers

Subject: Biographies , Reviews
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If Mankell and Wallander books

Wallander is probably the most beloved bokhjälten right now. The mänsklige commissioner has captured young and old, men and women. The books about Kurt has won prestigious awards.
Mankell has written novels for 25 years, and always had a loyal readership. But in a few years he has become one of the most read authors. His latest Wallander books have topped the sales charts and a total of his books have been sold in 2 million copies.
During the current in Henning Mankell's books is about the struggle for a better life. The idyll is never present. The books are populated by imperfect but strong and vibrant people. People like most is easy to identify with. That's probably why so many get stuck in his books.
(Source: Good books' publishers)

Plot + bit allocation

One morning in 1990 detects a pawn in the middle of nowhere in Skåne that his neighbors become quite brutally murdered during the night. The police, led by Wallander has nothing to go on except that the murdered woman said "foreign" before she died and that the man had an Argentine noose around your neck. They were poor and peaceful and they had neither any money or enemies. The investigation leads nowhere until a man who knew the murdered man shows up at the police station and says that the man was very rich and wicked, but that the woman did not know anything about it.

Kurt begins to snoop around and notice that the man had a woman and a son out of wedlock who regularly supplied with large sums of money. Kurt goes to the bank and talk to a cashier who turns out to have a good memory and remembers the last time the man took out money. Then nothing happens and the book starting to get boring. Then begins a series of violent incidents, two racists kill refugees because of the police clues pointing to foreigners, and Kurt will be included in an episode that is about taking the racists.

When the story ends tells the cashier to two foreigners who came into the bank after the man saw his receipt and therefore concluded that he was rich and learned where he lived.
Since the book is terribly tough. Absolutely nothing happens and the sides are supplanted with reflections, small events and detailed personal description of Kurt Wallander. But suddenly switch Mankell pace and everything goes really fast. The cashier sees the same aliens again, and call the police. Kurt guess for some reason that foreigners are going to eachother market, and Kurt and his colleague go to the market and sees murdering foreigners. There will be a small to-foot-hunting before they are fixed, and then talking Kurt with his colleague and so does the book end.


Thick gooey type that is police 25 hours a day and do not have time for anything else. He has problems with booze, women, their obesity and with his forehead as he strikes in somewhere constantly. He has a daughter who he hardly hits and an ex-wife who has left him. He seems strained, he has been left by his wife, has almost lost contact with his daughter, is worried about her father, and also get a murder case on the neck. He drives an ugly rusty car, listening to opera, and he has dirty dreams about negresser because he misses his wife. He also lacks someone to talk to, and anyone who supports him when he has struggled.

Kurt's ex-wife. She is warm and mature and she has better contact with his daughter. She declares neatly that she did not want to spend his life with Kurt more and she seems to have a grip on reality and plenty of time for himself.

Kurt's dad:
Old man who lives in the country and paint pictures. He is tough to deal with, and he criticizes Kurt all the time. Later in the book he becomes senile and go out on a field wearing pajamas and he gets many pages dedicated themselves to fill out the book further, it seems.


The book is full of personalities and events that have absolutely no meaning to bring the story forward. I get the impression that the book is an introduction / presentation for the following novels about Wallander. It need not be so, and I have no idea, because I had never heard of Henning Mankell until I got this book in my hand, let alone read any of the other books.
But I do not appreciate the book as a whole, but as a prelude to the other books. I see no excuse for being so tough and full of rubbish as it is.
The end is disproportionately fast and short, perhaps Mankell became tired. He had just found out how tough the book had become, and felt that he could pull off with a swift conclusion and to put an end to the suffering, partly because he thought it was appropriate, in the belief that it would be exciting with fast laps just before the end.
The book might be an enjoyable read for the part, but it suits me worse. I know at least no immediate craving to read more books by the same author.

based on 5 ratings Henning Mankell: Faceless Killers, 2.8 out of 5 based on 5 ratings
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