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Subject: History
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Hieroglyphs, ancient Egypt's sacred character has a fairly long history. The hieroglyphs were invented about 3000 years BC, the upper and lower Egypt's king of wise men. It was then that the lower and upper Egypt had just merged and received joint king.
The reason for the invention of this advanced writing systems was that they would keep order on tax and other payments.
There are several different kinds of hieroglyphics, but common to all is that they are small pictures. In some cases this means the image a whole word or idea and then called sooner ideograms. Then the word house to be a simple little picture of a house. The other glyphs have a more sound sense, which in our ordinary alphabet. In it stands a picture of such an owl for the letter m, the word owl began namely with an m-audio in ancient Egypt. Both character types can be found in the same text, it's also one of the reasons that arose when trying to figure out what the hieroglyphs meant. Another problem was that there are no rules about which way the hieroglyphs to be read to. Because it took a long time to discover that they must be read in that direction symbols pointing.


Since man began to bite into hieroglyphics in stone that did most things right ugly and square. So when people started using papyrus and ink were all hieroglyphics more "read-friendly 'and round, the style called hieratic. Gradually also developed hieratiskan to something new, then you had to demotiskan. It is much like a stenografiversion of hieratiskan. This writing was often used in public documents and was therefore pretty important. The last column is some kind of rapid cursive variant.
Writing System was after a while of over 700 characters. Some believe that the printers (which were high-ranking) purposely made so that it was very hard to write, to keep konkurrensnsen gone. Being printer was a very practical job in many ways, for example, they did not pay taxes, plus it was not physically strenuous. If there scribbled so much on the temple walls, in the tombs and on papyri, our knowledge of ancient Egypt were quite small. And if it was not for the Rosetta Stone would all graffiti stand there, everywhere, and just understand something about ancient Egypt.

Rosetta Stone

When they last Egyptian priests died / disappeared in the early 400's, died ability to read hieroglyphics. The pagan characters had in fact been banned by the Christian Romans. Since about 1500 later (in the 1700s) when it is no longer thought of all that if it was banned, did some of Napolions soldiers, one of Egypt's most important discovery. While they tore a wall in order to make room in the fort they found namely Rosetta Stone. The name is from the city, near locality. It did not take long before we realized that this was a very valuable stone. The reason for its's importance was that it says the same thing in three different scripts,
Hieroglyphics, Demo Athletic writing, Greek writing. Archaeologists knew The Greek so then it was just to start to figure out what the hieroglyph for hieroglyph meant. And in 1822 the successful French linguist Jean-François Champollion after 20 years of research indicate hieroglyphics.

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