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There live 900 million people in India but only 83% are Hindus, but there are Hindus out scattered in neighboring countries as well so there are probably around 700 million Hindus in the world and with its 700 million followers, it becomes the third largest religion in the world. Emergence, do not know about Hinduism had no official founder of the religion but grew
produced in India, first and foremost, by the river Indus. From the west came years
1500.fr.k Aryans and occupied the area around the Indus river, and took power
of the people who lived there. (They were called, from that they lived in
Indus valley at the river of the same name)
Aryans and Indians had different gods, but with the Aryans took power
then mixed the different cultures together and the religion we today call
Hinduism emerged.
Hinduism is today a very great religion and are available in different parts of
world, but is highest in India and several of its neighboring countries
Nepal, Bangladesh, and parts of Bhutan.

Sacred Scriptures:

Rigveda is the oldest Hindu scripture. It contains songs or hymns of the Aryan deities. Parts of the Rigveda was already compiled before the Aryans came to India. For centuries they had hymns transmitted orally from teacher to student, finally as written them down. After the judgment which the hymns came, several of which are gathered in three Veda-books. Gradually, as designed, it also guides the Vedas, it was done to victims ceremony would be performed in the correct order. It also began to write their thoughts about the universe, about man's place in life and on everything that moved God. Some of these writings are called Upanishderna and they contain the Hindus most important thoughts. In those scriptures, explained how the human soul can be reborn many times and get different life birth, before the soul is freed from being reborn.
The Hindus also wrote long stories, one of them called Mahabharat and it has 100,000 verses. There are different story and all said how to live the right way.
The temple is remarkable buildings with many idols and statues. They are often
large plants with a guesthouse and
canteens, where several thousand people can work. In the temples and pray
sacrifice, the sacrifice of most plants and fruit. In every village has a small
temples to worship local deities. The Dalits have no temple, only one
Flagstone sacrificing on.

Puja is a custom that Hindus do each morning. They get up early and
washes and polishes up the idols while they burn incense. Then
they ask prayers and sacrifices plants and fruit.


In mid January, so celebrate Pongal, a three-day harvest festival. Man celebrates by boiling rice in milk, and when it boils over as scream "Pongal O Pongal", it means "let the joy flow over".
Shivarati is Hinduism's biggest festival and it usually usually occur at full moon in February-March. It is celebrated throughout India in memory of Shiva and Minakshis marriage.
Holi falls on the full moon in February-March. When teeth Hindus a big fire and everyone involved in the party going once around the fire. For good luck coming years will be deleted ashes on the forehead. After that they start to splash colored water on each other and on all who pass by. They shoot not only on humans but throwing the animals too. After that, it takes a bath and puts on new clothes. Then you eat of all the good food.
Naga Panchami
This festival falls in July-August and dedicated ormgudomarna. This time of year it is rainy and the snakes come out of their burrows to avoid drowning. Hindus paint or paste ormsymboler on both sides of the door opening.
Ganesh Chaturthi
Ganesh is the god with an elephant head, and this festival is dedicated to him. It is celebrated in August-September. In Mumbai the Chowpatty beach so reduces lots of Hindus down statues of Ganesh in the sea.
Navaratri means "nine nights", it is one of the few festivals that are celebrated throughout India, the name is different depending on where you are, for example, so called the Durga puja in eastern India and northern India called the Dussehra. Navaratri celebrated also in the UK.
The feast is dedicated to the mother goddess, she has several different guises and names. During the ceremony usually dance around an altar made of a box with a cone-shaped top. On each side of the altar there is a picture of the mother goddess in one of her guises. They dances they danced is Garba, a dance, the other is dandy race, a dancing with a cane. During this time you will find many Hindus new friends.
This feast represents the victory of good over evil. Hindus usually burn the images of the 10-headed demon Ravana,
Dawali is an abbreviation of Deepavali means "a row of light." It is the festival that means the most to the Hindus and it is the most significant in the West. Hindus usually clean their home and make it nice with flowers and paper garlands. They are wearing new clothes and they party with their relatives and friends. It is celebrated at this festival is that the good defeats evil.

Brahma - creator

Brahma is under the Hindu creator of the universe. Through his will was
humans, animals and plants to.
He depicted, just like the other gods, with four arms. These should
symbolize the four cardinal points. Brahma carry in their hands
symbolic objects: a jar of water - because water is the source of life, a
spoon - symbolizing the sacrifice made during devotions, bönepärlor - a
symbol of time and a lotus flower that represents the universe,
humanity and purity.
There are also images which he carries the four Veda hands.
Brahma also has a private craft, specifically, a goose, which
symbolizes wisdom.
He also has four heads so that he can see in all different directions
at the same time. From
At first he had only one head, the other came when he created woman.
He cut the woman out of her own body, and immediately saw the beauties of creation
she was. He fell in love with her, but she kept her distance and hid
to him. To be able to see her all the time he acquired the three
second heads so he could see her from all directions.

Vishnu - the world soul

Those who worship Vishnu sees him as the foremost among gods and many of
they say he is the only god. He is the power and energy available
in all things that live and exist. Without him there is nothing. He is
the universe and the soul of the world. Vishnu depicted with blue skin. In its four
hands he carries a lotus, a conch, a mace and a wheel. The
symbolizes the future of recycling, creation and death.
The people who worship Vishnu painting vertical marks on the forehead, just as
their god is.
Vishnu's wife named Lakshmi. She is happiness and the goddess of wealth. The
who pray or sacrifice to her hopes of wealth and prosperity.

Shiva - creator and destroyer

Shiva is the destroyer, but he also possesses a building site. According
myth, he destroys the first world but recreates it again. This
"World renewal" is believed to go on forever. Shiva's creative side
revealed that energy, which takes the form of the goddess Kali.
Shiva is självplågarnas example and just like their god paints the horizontal
lines on his forehead. Shiva is also yoga and scholars god. He prepared
usually in human form, sometimes as a strict ascetic, sometimes dancing in a
circular wreath of flames. In the pictures, he stepped on a dwarf, which
symbolizes man's ignorance. Shiva symbolizes both the good and
the evil that is in every human being. He is the master of life and death.
Parvati is Shiva's beautiful wife. She also appears under other names with
other properties. As Durga, she rides a tiger and fights against evil forces.
Kali, she is a bloodthirsty and terrifying goddess who has a horn
in hand to all men. The goddess Kali is a temple dedicated to her
in the city of Calcutta where the priests sacrificed fifteen goats every Friday
her honor.
One of Shiva's sons are Ganesha, also known as elephant god, whose face
is an elephant head. He is the protector of all knowledge and can, among other things
worshiped by the Hindus to start a business. For schoolchildren, he
also popular, an elephant never forgets says the proverb, and by
worship him get easier in school.

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