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Helpful to death

Topic: Society
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Harry walked up just as he used exactly at 6:58 in order to greet the postman and receive mail directly at hand. He went in, put on the coffee and awaited the barking of the neighbor's dog Simpson. The neighbor, Mr. Smith, is used very punctual go his usual morning walk with Simpson. Harry sighed contentedly and settled in the newly purchased Ikea chair. Most of Harry's furniture was brand IKEA. If you looked really closely at Harry's home, you could see that the rooms were identical to certain pages of IKEA's spring catalog 2005. You could find everything there from the stool HUGO BILLY bookcase and desktop JOHAN, all furnished a copy of katalogen.Harry is a skilled but quite superannuated detective, specializing in crime where murder is involved. Three years ago, he received a very special award - he was awarded as a prize because he worked at the time at the station. But it was no surprise that Harry is not himself attended the ceremony to receive the prize. It had, instead, he assistant Ivan do.

Ivan is 35 years younger than Harry, and are not particularly talented. He admires Harry tremendously and look up to him as a hero. Ivan is Harry's words law. Harry is not as enthusiastic about his young assistant, which he slightly secretly do not like so much.

Harry begins to take on their clothes in the order in which he usually does. First, socks and boxer shorts, but then he has the odd habit to put on their shoes. This he has done since childhood. The reason is that once when he was little, he began to parents burn. Harry was dressing himself, and had managed to take on all clothing except shoes. He was forced to flee from the house in just my socks and then see the home burn down completely. This makes Harry since then not want history to repeat itself. He will therefore always to take on the shoes.

When Harry goes out from the house and toward his car, he sees how Simpson comes running without a leash. Harry tries to beware, but Simpson is soon on two legs and gives him some sloppy morning kisses. This make Simpson every morning and Harry is actually a warm animal lover but just this morning, Harry has not had time to drink their coffee because of an urgent phone call from the police station. Harry becomes infuriated and fling a number of scurrilous words, both Simpson and Mr Andersson, which panting come rushing to catch his dog.

When Harry then come to work, he is still angry and says virtually all to fuck off, but when Ivan comes into his office who always attentively.

The time is now approaching 17:30 and Harry are after a fairly routine seasonal day returned home. Since he had eaten supper and sat for a while in the nyinhandlade IKEA chair he rises up and scout out the window to catch sight of Mr. Smith, but he is not in sight. Harry has a little bad conscience that he scolded his neighbor in the morning and would really like to make things right. Then he looks toward Andersson empty, unlit throughout the house. When Harry looks up at the third window from the right on the second floor (ie Andersson's bedroom), he sees that the window is wide open and he hears a still complaining. It sounds like a fairly low melting howling of Simpson. Harry thinks for a moment and then decides to knock on Mr Andersson to apologize for what happened earlier.

Then he will knock on he sees that the door is ajar. Harry shouts into the house a number of times but gets no answer. Whining has become much higher. Harry runs up the stairs and into the bedroom. There on the floor is Mr Andersson quite pale with a steel rope around the neck and right next door, as a faithful companion, located Simpson with a little blood in the corner of his mouth and nose. Harry unload as fast as he can on the steel cable but Andersson is dead and beyond help. Even so, to call Harry ambulance because this is part of police procedures and then call him to the station for backup.

Shortly thereafter pops Ivan and five other policemen up. When Ivan rises into the bedroom looks Harry a large, completely fresh bandage on his right upper arm. After technicians took their samples, crime scene photographed and any additional neighbors questioned the group returns to the police station. But do not forget to fådjurskyddsjouren to further provide the Simpson animal shelter.

At the police station they begin to brainstorm for possible suspects with it leads nowhere. All reasoning leads only into dead ends. Until the final Harry gets an idea, he wants to do DNA analysis of blood from Simpson's nose and mouth. It must belong to the culprit!
Harry and forensic scientists go to the shelter for dogs and cats and looking up Simpson, who is pretty bleak at ease in their new environment. The astonished Simpson is then carefully dried around his nose and in the mouth of the two men. Because the blood is completely fresh, the DNA analysis to be quickly completed explains forensic technician - provided that there is a matching sample already in the registry. A police with sirens blaring then run blood samples to the forensic laboratory. Two hours later, the phone rings.
A night worker female chemist in the lab tells Harry that one actually got hit!
The blood from the dog's mouth belongs IVAN Mirkovic.
Harry rises up slowly. He feels totally numb. Together with two other policemen he then goes and arrest Ivan, who surprised smile stare at them. He only explanation is that Harry morning said "I want to fucking kill Andersson".

Now living Harry a normal life without "stalkers". He has also received a new indwelling - his friend Simpson. They had the animal shelter decided to euthanize the stray dog, but then Harry had passed between them and said he would take care of him. It was actually thanks to the courageous Simpson murder could be solved so quickly!

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