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Homework Should be banned

Subject: English , Society
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As far as I know everyone get homework in every country, some get more and some get less. Here in Sweden, the higher grade you go to, the more homework you get.
I think it's good with homework but too much homework do not work, trust me.
In fact, I know it. Many of my classmates complain about all the homework we get. You get homework in almost every subject at school and of course you want to do your best in all of them but you can not. You've to give priority. And the Consequences will pray That you're doing well in a subject and you're not doing well in another subject. What's the meaning of that?
In my opinion, homework Should not be banned, but there Should be a law or something like that, That the teachers could follow - not more than two pages in every subject. I think you learn much Better that way. When you get too much homework, you do not have the feeling to put a hardwork into the homework.
And there are people who think it's hard with school, what about them? Will we ever give them a chance? But of course, it's overpriced much about discipline and ambition. And if you would not have any homework, I think people would just relax and do not do anything and that's absolutely wrong. It's not the way it Should be. But maybe we could overpriced watch more documentaries about the subject we're reading Because I think That You learn much more of That than just reading a book. Actually, I really do not like When teachers let us read all the time, it's so boring and you do not learn anything. And also, the teachers Should give you advises on how to study and learn your homework, so you will not sit there and have no clue on how to study your homework. The teachers are the biggest reason why you learn anything at all, it's the way They teach and how They teach. If there's no good teacher, you will not learn anything. I'm sure that I'm right when i tell you this, because i always think about it and talk about it with my friends and classmates And they agree. But where shall we begin and how? Can we do anything at all? Well, as I said before, I think We Should Start with a law school or instructions to a teacher That he / she could follow or why not let them learn this as soon as possible? In the university?
And if the teachers do not follow it, Pupils and students will not accept them.

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