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How did Sweden become a superpower?

Topic: History
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Sweden was a great power between 1611-1718, when Karl XII was shot. Gustavus Adolphus drew with Sweden in the 30-year war, the most to gain more power. He wanted to Sweden would rule over all the land around the Baltic Sea. It was King Gustavus Adolphus who made it possible for Sweden to become a major power, the most important nobleman by his side was the politician Axel Oxenstierna, who over 40 years of it being the most important politician in Sweden. Oxenstiernas Most relatives were but policies such as his brother Gabriel Oxenstierna. After Sweden became a great power saw Gustav that country developed much, with eg roads and he also introduced the law that all children would learn to read and go to school. Sweden was a poor country, so how could there be a superpower? There were several reasons that Sweden could become a great power. One of the reasons was that Sweden's enemies were weak, Russia, Poland and the Holy Roman Empire was at war. And of course, Denmark had an army, but it was too small compared with Sweden. Another reason was that Sweden could export tar, copper and iron much more than other countries of Europe. Sweden had throughout Greatness control over Finland. And in the vast forests of Finland and Sweden produced much tar. And no other country in Europe had so much copper and iron ore in its mines as Sweden. The exports were Sweden into a lot of money that the king could use to hire mercenaries from other countries to Sweden. Swedish riskdag was also unique, where there were people from all different classes of nobility, priest, burghers and peasants. They could together decide example how high taxes should be and who would become soldiers. Gustav II Adolf also introduced newer and more modern fighting. Since the 1300s had been used guns in Europe, they weighed 1 ton so when the war had started were armies were quite so stagnant. But the new Swedish cannons weighed just 150 kg. it was not needed nearly as many horses to pull them. The Swedish army was much more flexible and better at war. Furthermore manufactured guns and other weapons at home in Sweden, so it saved a lot of money on imports. Sweden was well organized, both in Finland and Sweden was divided into counties but a governor who ruled. Governor's task was to ensure that the decisions that the king and parliament have taken was carried out in the counties. There was also the bailiffs who went around and took in taxes from the peasants. In the 1600s began the priests registration of residence all the villages. Then you could see how many young men between 18 and 30 years of age there were. They would of course be soldiers. But the priests in the villages also took into account that he did not choose a man who was very important for the family's survival. So it was often farmhands who had become soldiers. But the largest part of the Swedish army that struck the Holy Roman Empire were mercenaries. Sweden was now as great powers lie more in wars and now they could also take the tax from the important port cities around the Baltic Sea. Sweden became much more organized and powerful. However, when Sweden had become a great power went almost the whole of Sweden resources to the military or the fleet. During the seventeenth century Sweden fought the most.

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