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It's hard to say anything about Indian food, Because India is a very large country with many cultures and religions. A lot of people eat vegetarian food and, Because of Hinduism, hardly anyone eats beef. The cow is a holy animal to the Hindus. There are overpriced Muslims who do not eat pork, Because the pig is an impure aminal to them.

Spices are very important and given its special Indian food taste. Funny Is that the spice we call curry does not exist in India. It's a mixture of Several Indian spices. Curry in India is a spicy dish, like bean curry or peacurry.

An Indian meal Consist of bread and rice, a couple of "major" dishes and some "minor" dishes. Rice is put on the middle of the plate and the dishes beside the rice. The rice is then mixed with the dishes.


A common view of Chinese food is probably "rice and sweet and sour sauce." And yes, Chinese food consists of That, but overpriced of muchmore.

There's a special way of frying, stir-frying, thatgives Chinese food it's special taste and smell. Stir-frying Means you heat cooking oil to a very high temperature, add the food you are going to stir-fry (meat or vegetables into slices) and stir rapidly During a few minutes or even less than a minute. All the slices have to be of the same size and stir-fried food HAS to be served warm.

A common kitchen utensil is the well-known wok. A wok is a rounded frying pan used for stir-frying, deep-frying, boiling and steaming.

A Chinese meal always includes meat, fish or shellfish and vegetables, cooked in different ways, all with rice.


In fact, there is no Australian food. Food in Australia is a mixture of European and Asian food, mostly meat. The first settlers from Britain in the late eighteenth century brought food and cooking fromtheir own country. This food remains.

Food in Australia is mixed Because of the immigrants from different countries. The last thirty years the Australian eating habits have changed Because of the immigration. Today, you can find almost any food in the larger cities.

Tourists thwart eat kangaroo meat, but the Australian-born people seldom do. Mutton is common and cheap.

The most common warm drink ice tea and the most popular alcoholic drink is beer. There are Several types of beer and wine. Wine is produced in more than nine hundred wineries across the country.

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