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Information Society Future

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Today's media such as: TV, radio, Internet and newspapers proves been man's main feature for quite so long. It has not always been so, but today the dialogue between man and his medpart has become increasingly digital. Digital is great, it has proved for using TV, radio, Internet and newspapers has information traveled at an incredible rate and including saved very many lives. The various media today has a lot of influence and will continue to be the overall data intermediary and opinion-former in framtiden.Det medium that is growing and becoming more and more today is the Internet and I do not think it's so good for a worldwide multipliers as there are countries today who do not have the money or the conditions for an IT society. They will be lagging behind in development which is not good in the global term. It is difficult to predict the future, but I will try. Here are the four different media, we have been working and heard about the reports.


The TV will continue to be a good multipliers in the future and I do not think it will die out in any way. The reason I think that the TV will be retained and not become less attractive is that people today want information fast and rather not have to make an effort to find out information, and this is precisely what TV gives you. Man is such and we probably will not change. Quick and to the point is the TV and that's exactly what we want.


Internet will be bigger than what it is today as more and more countries become industrialized in today's society. I also believe that in the future, the Internet will take over the newspaper in the transmission of information. The reason I think so is that there are already people on the bus reading the news on a small laptop instead of reading the newspaper and on this little computer can look at what we want information. There you can also do in the magazine but it's simpler to do it on a computer, so I think that the Internet will become a larger and larger media in the future.


The radio will absolutely not to die out. People listen to the radio every day when they drive to work because then there's nothing else to do. Many also listen to it in the morning. I think that radio has become so common to us that it will not rot away in today's society. The radio is also a very good multipliers when information is fast and safe.
The radio has evolved a lot, I think that in the future, the radio will have a lot more news than music. The radio has a secure future if you ask me.


The magazine, according to me the next best medium, I love the fact that reading the newspaper. It gives a good information about everything. The newspaper has been around for a very long time and will continue to have millions of readers every day. However, in the future, enough newspaper to become bigger and bigger because they want to fit more information.
These four media are clear winners, both today and in the future. But as has been said, will these media to give us information but sometimes a more twisted story than what actually was said and happened. Just to get us more interested and get us to read. The media has a lot of influence in today's society and will continue to have it. Without the media, we did not know much at all. They are becoming more and more developed and will certainly become more and more compact and target more audiences than some multipliers do today. Today's media will also be more and more careful in the future so as not to conflict with other countries and groups, as is happening today, all too often.

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