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Immigrant Sweden

Topic: Society
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First First period: Between 1930-1940 the numbers came the Jews from Europe to seek protection in Sweden. They came to escape from World War II.
Second period: 1950-1960 centuries when Europe was rebuilt after World War II, so many went home. Then, many of Sweden's factories empty. As requested by the people.
Third period: 1990's came the people from Yugoslavia and other troubled countries in Europe who came to Sweden.
Unless immigrants would not have come, Sweden would be a U-country dag.2. Xenophobia is when you look at immigrants with suspicion. Racism is when you hate immigrants / refugees or to discriminate against other cultures. It is illegal to display racism and to show racism against other people.

3rd An immigrant is one who has moved from his home country to get a job or soul.

4th A Swedish as an immigrant are: lung, kind, helpful, often law-abiding and have cell phones. I think it does a little what they say, and I think you can not say that people from other cultures in their own way all the people.

5th Multicultural means to many different cultures meet with different traditions. Religions and bubbly.

6th Asylum goes to sending a request to be allowed to stay in Sweden. Send your application to the Migration Board and where they decide if they will stay or not.

7th The municipalities do plans with them to stop. They have to learn a new language "Swedish". Then municipalities must obtain ID in order to be able to work, be entitled to medical care and Grants, etc.

Eighth You can not do not prevent racism in a country. But xenophobia can be changed by giving immigrants a chance to equally good jobs and opportunities. They work against racism by making it illegal.

9th Societal implications are that unless immigrants do not get jobs, they become criminals because they do not get money. Society can lose in tax to replace it and refund for not working.

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